Blu-ray Review “Duck Dynasty: Season 4”

duck-d4Starring: Willie Robertson, Jase Robertson, Kay Robertson, Phil Robertson
Studio: Lionsgate
DVD Release Date: January 7, 2014
Run Time: 241 minutes

Season: 4 out of 5 stars
Extras: 2 out of 5 stars

The tagline on the box says its all “It’s a Duck Nation”.  Duck Dynasty is one of the biggest TV shows on right now and only continues to get more popular. This season premiere got nearly 12 million viewers, which is the highest-rated reality series broadcast in cable history. Can you believe it? Where you are a fan of this show or not, there is no way to escape this show as it is everywhere you look. “Duck Dynasty” is easily the hottest reality show since “The Osbournes”. The fourth season is also no question, the best season so far. This season will leave you “Happy Happy Happy” while you get ready for the kick-off of Season 5, which debuts on January 15th.

Official Premise: The Robertsons are back and they’ve never had so much Southern charm. It’s a family affair as everyone comes together to throw a surprise wedding party for Phil and Kay. And when the guys and their wives realize Martin is forgoing poker for a date, they all take turns coaching him in romance. Meanwhile, Phil tries to teach his granddaughters how to fish, but the girls outsmart him and have him doing all the work. Later, he and Kay teach Sadie and John Luke how to make May Haw jelly. And as always, the guys’ antics continue as they attempt to make duck jerky, and a series of “gentlemen’s bets” leads them to the ultimate challenge of helping Phil get a wheelbarrow down from a tree.

Here are the episodes from Season 4: “Till Duck Do Us Part”, “So You Think You Can Date?”, “Hot Tub Grime Machine”, “A-Jase-ent Living”, “Termite Be a Problem”, “John Luke After Dentist”, “Scoot Along Si”, “Jerky Boys”, “Going Si-ral” and the Halloween episode “Quack O’Lanterns”. What doesn’t make it on the disc is the recent Christmas episode, which aired on December 11th, “O Little Town of West Monroe”.

In terms of Blu-ray presentation, this is one of those shows that don’t really benefit too much from a Blu-ray release. It looks sharp with its 1080p transfers but nothing going to blow you away. Same goes for the DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 track, which has been the same for the last three seasons as well. In terms of special features there isn’t a whole lot to call the ducks over. There is about 20 minutes of Never-Before-Seen-On-TV footage, which is cool but again its only 20 minutes. They consist of six deleted scenes and five webisodes. I would have expected more from this highly successful season. Still for the price, it is worth picking up if you love the show.

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