#1 Racing App “Turbo Racing League” Launches Amazing Camaro Sweepstakes


Fox Home Entertainment is launching the Dreamworks animated movie Turbo on Blu-ray/DVD on 11/12 (Digital HD was made available on 10/22) and to celebrate, fans now have a chance to win a brand new 2014 “Blu-ray Blue Metallic” Chevy Camaro. (See the fun in the color’s name!) Starting this week, the top-selling Turbo Racing League app will play host to a four-week tournament where players will have a chance to win a free Digital HD download of Turbo. One lucky grand prize winner will win the 2014 “Blu-ray” Metallic Camaro LT with white racing stripes, valued at $30,000.

The Turbo Racing League app has logged more than 30 million downloads worldwide, and is the #1 racing game on all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile). For Fox Home Entertainment release of Turbo, the app was just updated with all-new features such as:

· 2 brand new film racers — users will now be able to play as Turbo or Whiplash!

If you aren’t one of the 30 million, you can download the app here and join in the fun!

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