Film Review “Bad Milo!”

bad-milo-movie-poster-691x1024Starring: Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, Patrick Warburton, Mary Kay Place
Directed by: Jacob Vaughan
Distributed by: Magnolia Pictures
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 84 minutes

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

I have been a fan of Ken Marino dating back to the early MTV days of “The State”. He is incredibly funny in everything that he has done since including “Wet Hot American Summer”, “Veronica Mars”, (one of my favs) “The Ten” – with the very quotable line “I was spoofing” and of course his most recent role in Adult Swim’s “Children’s Hospital”. In “Bad Milo!”, he gets to take the spotlight front and center. When I saw the poster for this film, I literally what “What the F*ck” and knew that I immediately had to see it. Not suprised after watching this film I had the exact same reaction. This was easily some of the most fun I have had watching a movie all year. It is a great blend of horror and comedy. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a good time. I see this become a cult classic for sure!

The film follow Duncan, whose life is really in the shitter…literally.  He has a boss is taking advantage of him, not to mention trouble at home with his mom dating a much younger man and pressure from his wife to have start a family. Due to this his life is filled with stress and it is starting to take a turn on his body including extreme stomach pains. When he takes his wife’s suggestion to see a hypnotherapist, he discovers that his pain is actually a creature living in his ass. No you did not read that wrong, a creature lives in his ass.  It comes out of Duncan when he is stressed and “takes care” of the people that aggravate him. Duncan attempts to understand why this is happening while at the same time trying to keep Milo’s (yes, he gets named) appetite at bay.

“Bad Milo!” features some quite impressive creature effects. I loved the look of Milo and thought that he was creepy yet he still kinda cute…is that weird since it is an alien that came out a guys ass? If I am not mistaken there is a little bit of digital effects as well but it is well-blended to not take over the creature effect. Besides Marino, the rest of the cast is also pretty awesome as well.  Patrick Warburton (“Rules of Engagement”) is always fun at playing the douche bag and he does it quite well here as Duncan’s boss. Peter Stormare (“Fargo”) plays Duncan’s hypnotherapist and is a riot as well. If that is not enough, Stephen Root (“Office Space”) plays his stoner father with a secret of his own. I should just mention that as this film goes on it also gets stranger and stranger yet at the same time more fun, so sit back let go and just enjoy.

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