Blu-ray Review “Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright”

scoobystagefrightActors: Frank Welker, Mindy Cohn, Matthew Lillard, Wayne Brady, Peter Macnicol
Directors: Victor Cook
Rated: Unrated
Studio: Warner Home Video
Release Date: August 20, 2013
Running Time: 78 minutes

Film: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Extras: 2.5 out of 5 stars

When it comes to Scooby-Doo!, Warner Bros. Animation has been behind this series for the last few years and keeping it alive and fresh. “Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright” is the latest direct-to-video original animated movie and one heck of a fun time. It features the great voice talents of Frank Welker, Mindy Cohn, Matthew Lillard, Wayne Brady, Peter Macnicol and Ariel Winter. There is something about Scooby-Doo! that really still entertains time after time. This film is filled with great laughs, thrills and hijinks, all the great things that make up a great Scooby-Doo! movie. Keep them up Warner Bros!! Next up in the world of Scooby-Doo!, this September brings “Scooby-Doo! 13 Spooky Tales Run For Your ‘Rife!”, which is a collection of 13 action-packed adventures.

Synopsis: Join Scooby-Doo, Shaggy and the Mystery Inc. crew as they head to Chicago for a talent show, a few museum tours and a whole lot of pizza. The windy city is home to the hit TV show, Talent Star, in which songwriting duo Fred and Daphne are finalists with high hopes. Not to be left out, Scooby and Shaggy have a secret act in the works, which they’re betting will take the contest by storm. Unlucky for all involved, the competition becomes frightful as the show is being broadcast from an opera house with a history of horrors and a particularly vengeful phantom that has cursed the show’s production.

Warner Home Entertainment is releasing this latest film, like the past ones, in a Blu-ray combo pack including the Blu-ray, standard DVD and UltraViolet™ editions of the film. The 1080p transfer of the film looks great. The animation really is sharp and the colors are crisp. The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track works with the laughs and hijinks from the film. In terms of bonus features there is not much concerning the production itself but there are two bonus Scooby-Doo! episodes. Included episodes are “Never Ape an Ape Man”, which is the seventh episode of the first season of “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!” and “Don’t Fool with a Phantom”, which is the eighth and last episode of the second season of “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!”.

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