Book Review “Rush: The Illustrated History”

rush-illustratedAuthor: Martin Popoff
Hardcover: 192 pages
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Release Date: May 30, 2013

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

I am not sure what it is about Rush but they are just flat out amazing.  They are easily one of my top favorite band ever. They has been kicking ass and taking names in music for the last 45 years…and yet they are better than they ever have been! Plus 2013 is the year of Rush since they not only released on of their best albums “Clockwork Angels” but they also got inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame (finally). This “Illustrated History” book is timed just right and is a must for any Rush fan out there.  So get ready to crank those old vinyls up to 11 and air bass (or drum, whichever is your preference) and enjoy this amazing book.

Official Premise: Now, for the first time, Rush is treated to the epic visual celebration they so richly deserve in a beautifully designed and profusely illustrated history following the band’s entire career. A chronological overview history written by noted music scribe and Rush authority Martin Popoff spans the band’s entire career from 1968 to today. A complete Rush discography chronicles all their albums, from the debut album to 2112, Moving Pictures, and Signals to Grace Under Pressure, Vapor Trails, and more. The authoritative text is complemented by album reviews written by well-known music journalists from around the globe, commentary from fellow musicians, a discography, and hundreds of photographs and pieces of memorabilia, including picture sleeves, gig posters, rare vinyl, handbills, ticket stubs, and much more.

This book is authored by the perfect man for the job, Martin Popoff.  He has been called “the world’s most famous heavy metal journalist” and if anyone can put out a kick-ass music book it would be him.  Plus he also worked with the band on the film “Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage”. The book itself contains over 420 color & black and white photos spread out all over the nearly 200 page book. When it is called “history” that should not be taken lightly. We go back to the early days of the band to the current “Clockwork Angels” tour.  We are talking a full discography cover from end to end! There is everything here from concert tickets, posters, vintage programs to candid backstage shots.  So if you are a veteran fan or a brand new Rush fan this book has something for everyone and will not disappoint!

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