Book Review “Darkbound” by Michaelbrent Collings

darkboundAuthor: Michaelbrent Collings
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Release Date: January 19, 2013

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Let’s travel back to September 2012, I was asked to review a DVD for a film titled “Barricade”. Pretty damn good flick, produced by WWE Studios (yes the wrestling company). I got asked to have my review appear on WWE Raw, which was a huge honor. Due to that exposure, I was contacted by the writer of the film Michaelbrent Collings with praise for my review. Since then I have been in contact with him and asked to check out his other works of horror literature. He offered me to check out “Darkbound” and right from the first chapter, I was hooked!

Official Premise: The New York subway system has: 656 miles of track… 468 stations… 31 thousand turnstiles… and 1.64 BILLION fares yearly. For six of those fares, the trip is going to be one they will never forget. Six strangers will board a subway. But this subway is unlike the others. This subway doesn’t take you where you want or where you need. It takes you where you fear. This subway…is DARKBOUND.

Michaelbrent’s writing is super easy to read.  It is intelligent without trying to ask like it is smart.  It is also crazy-ass graphic with the gore. I just kept thinking to myself this would make a killer movie but there is no way it could be filmed with an R-rating. The book is split into six different parts focusing on the each of its passengers. So we get like 6-9 chapters per section and then it restarts the count, at first I found this aspect a little confusing but after the first few it flowed pretty smoothly. I found myself literally hanging on each chapter. There is also quite a few nice twists thrown in, just when I thought I figured it out, I was thrown a loop.  I am looking forward to checking out Michaelbrent’s latest novel, “Strangers”, which was just released June 4th, 2013. Keep me coming!

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