Studio Ghilbi Blu-ray Giveaway: “Howl’s Moving Castle” & “My Neighbor Totoro” [ENDED]


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To celebrate the release of Studio Ghilbi’s latest Blu-ray releases, Media Mikes would like to giveaway a Blu-ray of both “Howl’s Moving Castle” & “My Neighbor Totoro”. If you would like to enter for your chance to win one of these great prizes, please leave us a comment below or send us an email indicating your favorite Studio Ghibli film and why? This giveaway will remain open until May 31st at Noon, Eastern Time. This is open to all fans of Media Mikes, worldwide!! One entry per person, per household. All other entries will be considered invalid. Media Mikes will randomly select winners. Winners will be alerted via email.

“Howl’s Moving Castle” Official Premise: Sophie, a quiet girl working in a hat shop, finds her life thrown into turmoil when she is literally swept off her feet by a handsome but mysterious wizard named Howl. The vain and vengeful Witch of the Waste, jealous of their friendship, puts a spell on Sophie. In a life-changing adventure, Sophie climbs aboard Howl’s magnificent moving castle and enters a magical world on a quest to break the spell. Featuring the voice talents of Christian Bale and Billy Crystal, Miyazaki’s artistry comes to life with inventive characters, unique storytelling, and richly detailed animation. Your whole family will love this epic fantasy on Disney Blu-ray!

“My Neighbor Totoro” Official Premise: Follow the adventures of Satsuki and her four-year-old sister Mei as they discover their new neighbor is a mysterious forest spirit named Totoro who can only be seen by the eyes of a child. As Totoro introduces the girls to his extraordinary friends, they embark on the journey of a lifetime. Featuring the voice talents of Tim Daly, Lea Salonga and real-life sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning, My Neighbor Totoro is an amazing animated adventure the whole family will fall in love with.


100 Replies to “Studio Ghilbi Blu-ray Giveaway: “Howl’s Moving Castle” & “My Neighbor Totoro” [ENDED]”

  1. My favorite Studio Ghibli film is Princess Mononoke. I watched it so much on cable when I was young, loving the violence and the horror (and San, with her bloodstained mouth and attitude). As I got older, I loved it even more as I began to notice and appreciate the environmental and gender themes that Miyazaki is known for.

  2. Howl’s Moving Castle because the animation is gorgeous! Glad I got to see that one on the big screen. Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Princess Mononoke is my fave. Great story and theme. “Calm your fury demon!” 🙂

  4. Favorite movie by Studio Ghibli is Princess Mononoke, first one I saw and still the best.

  5. Grave of the Fireflies, because it was such a bleak, dark film, and it dealt with the subject of war with such uncompromising detail, that you couldn’t believe it was film for kids.

  6. Princess Mononoke is my favorite. But, as a kid, I remember really liking Kiki’s Delivery Service.

  7. I’ve seen most Ghibli films, and they’re all incredible stories with beautiful animation.

    Grave of the Fireflies was one of the first animes I ever watched, and the depth of story and how it was geared towards adults in how it wasn’t afraid to tell a dark and heart rending story really got me hooked on anime. I didn’t normally cry when watching movies, but it brought me to tears.

    However, of the two films being given away, I (as well as the rest of my family) enjoyed Totoro the most.

  8. Princess Mononoke. It was the first Studio Ghibli film I saw, and it’s still my favorite.

  9. My favorite Studio Ghibli film is Spirited Away because it is the only one I have seen.

  10. Arriety. Just a fantastic story of little people. Determination and love.

  11. My favorite is Howl’s Moving Castle. I love love love the music in that movie, and it just makes the whole movie great.

  12. My fav Ghibli film is Howl’s Moving Castle — fantastic soundtrack and beautifully illustrated scenery!

  13. “Ponyo” – because who doesn’t want to be a sea animal, living on land, wanting to fly the air.

  14. Spirited Away! It was the first Studio Ghibli film I watched and still remains my favorite. No-Face is a classic.

  15. Mine is Howls Moving Castle! It’s an awesome film with a great story and animation! I love it!

  16. Spirited Away has got to be my favorite Studio Ghibli film with My Neighbor Totoro coming in at a close second. Hayao Miyazaki creates such vivid and enchanting worlds in his films; you can’t help but lose yourself in them.

  17. my kids love these granddaughters and i love to watch spirited away

  18. I like all of the movies equally, so its kinda hard to chose a favourite. They are all beautifully done and awesome

  19. Princess Mononoke because of the strength of Ashitaka, three beautiful world in that movie, and the message.

  20. My favorite Studio Ghilbi movie is The Cat Returns (Neko no Ongaeshi). I love how this film showed another story about my two favorite cats Muta and Baron from the Whisper of the Heart movie; and how this movie stuck with that basic format used for most Japanese films.

  21. Kiki’s Delivery Service is a favorite of my kids, so I have a soft spot for that one.

  22. Howl’s Moving Castle is my favorite. I love all the characters especially Sophie and the story is a pure fairy tale.

  23. My favorite Studio Ghibli film? It’s gotta be Princess Mononoke, because it asks whether or not it is right to interfere with nature. It also shows how the life-taker can suck the life out of everything if we dare interfere with nature, especially after the Forest Spirit’s head was taken off by an arrow. The only way Ashitaka would be able to fight off against those who would interfere with nature was to side with the princess of the wild herself, San, also known as Princess Mononoke.

  24. Howl’s Moving Castle is my favorite, because throughout the movie you don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. I also like that it had a happy ending.

  25. My 4 yr old twin granddaughters loved My Neighbor Totoro because Mei is their age.

  26. I love all their movies! but one of my favorites is Grave of the Fireflies 🙂

  27. I loved The Secret World of Arrietty because the animation, story and artwork were excellent.

  28. I saw My Neighbor Totoro for the first time last year, along with several other Ghilbi movies, and it quickly became one of my favorites. I love the sisters’ relationship and my favorite part has to be the one depicted on the cover with Totoro in the rain.

  29. My Neighbor Totoro is my favorite. I have great memories of watching it with my niece.

  30. Howl’s Moving Castle, because that’s the only one I have seen. Must see more!

  31. Spirited Away. I find myself laughing so often during that film! Biggest laugh is when she goes face first into the wall. Am I a bad person? lol

  32. My favorit Studio Ghibli movie is ponyo. Because ponyo is such a little guy lost in such a big world. It is often how I feel so it is very easy to relate to it.

  33. I love totoro. I watched it when I was a very small child. I had the vhs tape and would watch as I fell asleep every night and turn it on again when I woke up. Totoro is the big furry cat that everyone wishes that they could have as a pet or a more of a friend when they are small. I still love totoro because it makes me feel like a child again. That is so nice to have.

  34. I’ve seen My Neighbor Totoro with my two kids before and we loved it. Want to own it.

  35. My Neighbor Totoro. It was something I saw and was captivated by the visuals

  36. My Neighbor Totoro is our family favorite. It was such a beautiful movie, and we just loved it.

  37. I have to go with Spirited Away, because it was my intro to the work of Hayao Miyazaki and completely mesmerized me from start to finish.

  38. Princess Mononoke is my favourite simply because of the storylineanimation. It also happened to be the first film that I’ve ever seen from Studio Ghibli.

  39. I recently viewed “From Up On Poppy Hill” and found it incredibly touching.

  40. I’ve only seen Spirited Away, and I liked I had no idea of these other films – have to check them out

  41. I have seen Howl’s Moving Castle over sixty times It is my favorite movie of all time! The animation is amazing and the story is great I just love it. Spirited Away comes in a close second with me having seen that around fifty times. I haven’t seen My Neighbor Totoro befor looking forward to it it looks great.

  42. Spirited Away was such a great film. I didn’t realize I was a fan of the genre until I saw it.

  43. Only Yesterday is my favorite because i first saw it when i was little and i loved it!

  44. My favorite Studio Ghibli film is Kiki’s Delivery service! Because I love Kiki’s growth through the movie, and how she works through everything that gets in her way.

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