DVD Review: GWAR “Electile Disfunction 08”

“Electile Disfunction 08”
Slavepit Inc./Hypereal Productions
Chapters: 11

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Continuing with the long tradition of GWAR films is the latest release from Slavepit Inc. and Hypereal Productions. “Electile Disfunction 08” was shot during the bands 2008 tour which featured the return of infamous GWAR manager Sleazy P. Martini. The DVD follows one of GWAR’s more popular story lines as head Scumdog Oderus Urungus and the other members of GWAR attempt to defend the Frank Sinatra Belts of Total World Domination against an interesting assortment of characters in the Intergalactic Championship Wrestling.

Classic GWAR from start to finish! The production may not be top notch but those familiar with GWAR’s previous films know what to expect and what may be lacking in production quality is made up tenfold with content and laughs. Though nothing beats seeing the band live “Electile Disfunction 08” does a great job putting you as close to the action as possible through a number of different POV camera angles. Watch from the safety of your home as GWAR hack and slash their way through a number of public figures before wrapping up the show with the always popular “Slaughterama”. If your anything like myself and have been stock piling the long list of previous GWAR films then you certainly won’t want to miss this one as it destine to become a classic.

Chapter Listing:
1.) Sleazy for Prez
2.) Wilco Chopped
3.) Bile Driver
4.) I Gotta Belt!
5.) BoneSnapper vs. McCain
6.) Murders Muse
7.) Hillary & Obama
8.) Drugs
9.) Destructo Express
10.) For the Belts!
11.) Ronnie’s Comeback
12.) Sleazy’s Encore

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