CD Review: Face to Face “Three Chords and Half a Truth”

facetofaceFace to Face
“Three Chords and Half a Truth”
Rise Records
Tracks: 12

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Legendary punk band Face to Face are back with a brand new studio album titled “Three Chords and Half a Truth”. The album is the bands first to be released via Rise Records and features 12 brand new songs by the Victorville, California natives. After being a band that was on again off again for a number of years it seems as though Face to Face are back in full form and the band’s latest release “Three Chords and Half a Truth” seems to be a testament to that.

This album’s picks up where the bands previous album “Laugh Now Laugh Later” left off. Tracks such as “Smokestacks and Skyscrapers” and “Bright Lights Go Down” have vintage elements of the band’s sound that are very reminiscent of punks mid nineties resurgence while tracks like “Jinxproof” and “Across State lines” show a level of progression found only in bands that have been around as long as Face to Face. Tight guitar riffs and catchy vocal passages are what you find in the latest release from Face to face. From casual listener to fanatical fan “Three Chords and Half a Truth” has a little something for everyone.

Track Listing:
1.) 123 Drop
2.) Welcome Back to Nothing
3.) Smokestacks and Skyscrapers
4.) Right as Rain
5.) First Step, Misstep
6.) Bright lights Go Down
7.) Paper Tigers with Teeth
8.) Flat Black
9.) Jinxproof
10.) Marked Men
11.) Three Chords and a Half Truth
12.) Across State Lines

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