DVD Review “Doc McStuffins: Time For Your Checkup”

Doc-McStuffinsActors: Kiara Muhammed, Lara Jill Miller, Robbie Rist, Loretta Devine, Jess Harnell
Created by: Chris Nee
Studio: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Rating: Not Rated
DVD Release Date: May 7, 2013
Run Time: 120 minutes

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

The minute I gave this DVD to my 11 month daughter, she put smiled ear to ear and put it right in her mouth. So in baby terms that is as good as you can get. Whenever she sees this show on she stops whatever she is doing and just stars and jumps up and down. We watched this DVD multiple times on loop over the weekend and we just can’t seem to get enough of this show. Doc McStuffins is a fantastic show from Disney Junior. It is cute, teaches great lessons for kids and packs some fun and catchy music as well. It even has daddy singing along and waking up with it in my head :-). I know this release is going to be re-watched quite a bit and I can’t wait to see new releases for this show. The Doc is in!

Official Premise: Get ready to start your day in a wonderful way! Doc McStuffins: Time For Your Checkup is all about helping to keep toys – and little ones – happy and healthy. Join Doc and her trusty team of lovable toys as every new checkup leads to miles of smiles. Laugh along when Doc cures Gus the Gator’s “Stuffedfulliosis.” Blast off with Star Blazer Zero as Doc shows him how to play it safe from launch through landing. Whether it’s eating right, getting enough rest, or getting an annual physical check-up, this delightful and nurturing program combines music, humor, and surprises in five fun-filled adventures that inspire friendship, hugs, and stay-healthy habits every day!

This DVD has five really fun and cute episodes that I am sure my daughter will be wearing out on loop. The episodes included are: 1. “Gulpy, Gulpy Gators!/ One Note Wonder, 2. “Tea Party Tantrum/ Blast Off!”, 3. “Arcade Escapade/ Starry, Starry Night”, 4. “Bronto Boo-Boos/ Brontosaurus Breath” and 5. “Doctoring The Doc/ Hot Pursuit”. Personally, I am a fan of “”Gulpy, Gulpy Gators!”, as it brings back childhood memories for myself with “Hungry Hungry Hippos”. Along with the episodes, there is also an activity growth cart and stickers included for all your little inspiring doctors to enjoy.

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