Wizard Video Collection Review: "Demoniac (1975)" & "Oasis of the Zombies (1982)"


Charles Band is the man behind both Meda Home Entertainment in the late 70’s and Wizard Video in 1980. He recently cleared out his warehouse and uncovered an amazing bunch of big box Wizard Video Collection that have been stuffed away for over 30 years. Shortly after Wizard Video introduced these over-sized “big VHS box” films with titles like “Zombie”, “I Spit On Your Grave” and “Breeders”, this format was returned since retailers were running out of shelf space. The big VHS box has since become a rare collectible! Well the big box is back thanks to Charles Band and Full Moon as they have uncovered 36 features discovery in his warehouse ranging with quantities from 180 boxes to 420 boxes. If you are a fan of these format and these films this is a sale that you do not want to miss as they are mint condition.

These mint boxes include the original program newly duplicated on VHS in a black clam shell included within their original box. Each original box is numbered and signed by Charles Band himself. Over the next nine months, Charles will be releasing this collectibles for the low price of $50.00.  See below for the full schedule of release.  If you don’t think that is enough also found in the collection were original boxes of the first horror video games on the planet, from Wizard Video’s sister company, Wizard Video Games. The Atari 2600 game boxes for Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween will be released TBD 2013 from Full Moon. I can’t wait to see these get a release and fingers crossed that they are going to even include the game cartridges. Fingers crossed again that I will be able to pay the mortgage still after.

I had the privilege of breaking out the old VCR and review the following big box VHS tapes from Wizard Video Collection including “Demoniac (1975)” and “Oasis of the Zombies (1982)”.  I have to tell you it felt quite good giving the VCR some love. I forgot the need for having to blow into a VCR and adjusting the tracking.  But overall it was a wonderful experience and really brought me back to the good ole VHS days.  Having grown up and worked myself in a mom and pop video story in Long Island, NY, the idea that this format still has a life always makes me smile. “Demoniac (1975)” & “Oasis of the Zombies (1982”) are two classic foreign horror films that Wizard acquired and released back in the day.  I remember seeing these boxes on my video store shelf (and not being allowed to rent). This is a feeling that I am going to miss.

“Demoniac (1975)” Official Premise: A defrocked and defamed Catholic priest (played by director Jess Franco) witnesses a series of staged Black Masses complete with phony human sacrifices that drive him insane and send him on a murderous path of redemption to cleanse the streets of the spirit of Satan. His victims, the cast and audience of the show, meet gruesome fates at the hand of the “Sword of the Lord.”

“Oasis of the Zombies (1982)” Official Premise: Robert, a student at an English university, receives word of his father’s unexpected death and returns home to Africa. While reading his father’s dairies, Robert learns of the obsession that led to his death: $6,000,000 in Nazi gold that remains buried at an oasis in the Sahara desert, protected by the restless, rotting souls who died protecting it. Using his inheritance, Robert bands together with three fellow students to wrest the unclaimed fortune from the dunes of the dead!

So the question poses itself, are these releases worth $50.00? You bet your ass they are! They are signed and are a piece of history. “Oasis of the Zombies” was just released on high-def Blu-ray last month from Kino Video. So it is very funny to have watched both of these in the span of a month.  I have to say that I really preferred the VHS copy.  The film has that grindhouse look and feel and yet it really shines on the classic video format. Since this was reproduced, the films itself both look impressive. The VHS transfers really captured the essence of the way these film are was meant to be seen. Sure it looks great on Blu-ray but who doesn’t love that gritty feel. I look forward to checking out other upcoming releases.

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