Blu-ray Review "InuYasha: The Final Act – Set 1 & 2"

InuYashaFinalActSet1Starring: Kira Tozer, Kappei Yamaguchi, Richard Ian Cox, Satsuki Yukino, Kôji Tsujitani, Hôko Kuwashima
Directors: Yasunao Aoki
Rated: Unrated
Studio: Viz Media
DVD Release Date: November 20, 2012/ February 12, 2013
Run Time: 325 minutes per set

Series: 4 out of 5 stars
Extras: 1.5 out of 5 stars

“InuYasha: The Final Act ” is an anime series that draws inspiration from the last volumes of author Rumiko Takahashi’s popular mangas. “InuYasha” one of the most successful anime titles of the 2000’s. The origianl series end of its run (September 2004 in Japan and October 2006 in the U.S.) after 167 episodes and four movies. This final act series picks up right and picks up after left the series ended abruptly. This Sunrise produced series game this show the ended it deserved with this 26-episode series. “The Final Act ” is a real answer to many fans prayers. Viz Media is releasing this series in two separate sets each with 13 episodes.

What is the best part of “InuYasha: The Final Act” is that it will not only appeal to the most longtime InuYasha fans but it should also be able to win over a new group of fans. The characters and plot design is well formed so that you are able to figure out is going on without the having seen the prior series.  Obviously, if you are a fan you will appreciate that the Japanese dub returns with most of its principal cast.  Though the English dub was a different story. The major change is Kira Tozer taking over the role of Kagome, since Moneca Stori has retired from voice acting. After an episode or two I got used to her voice taking over. Michael Daingerfield, know best for Johann Trinity in “Mobile Suit Gundam 00” does a great job taking over for Sesshomaru.

Set 1 Official Premise: Kagome is an ordinary schoolgirl who finds her destiny linked to the half demon Inuyasha and the powerful Shikon Jewel. In their quest to restore the shattered Shikon Jewel, Inuyasha and Kagome face their ultimate enemy, the demon mastermind Naraku. Meanwhile, Sesshomaru learns the truth behind his sword Tenseiga, and Kikyo discovers a secret that could defeat Naraku. With the jewel nearly complete and in enemy hands, the race to collect the remaining shards intensifies, and an epic battle is brewing on the horizon.

Set 2 Official Premise: Kagome finds her worlds colliding as she struggles to both fight alongside InuYashaFinalActSet2Inuyasha in the past and pass the exam to get into her high school of choice in the present. But with her spiritual powers sealed away, how will she purify the Shikon Jewel before Naraku can absorb it forever? As the battle enters its final stages, Inuyasha and his friends find their strength, loyalties and will to live pushed to impossible limits. And in the end, the final key to Naraku’s and the Jewel’s destruction may lie in nothing more—and nothing less—than the trust between a half demon and a girl from the future.

“InuYasha: The Final Act” comes well presented on Blu-ray thanks to Viz Media. The episodes look sharp with their 1080p transfer in 1.78:1 aspect ratio.  The colors really jump off the screen and line detail is sharp. The audio tracks included are DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 with both the original Japanese and English dub. I would like to say that both tracks are equally impressive. I usually prefer the original Japanese track but the English dub also delivers.  The dialogue and action are well represented. Kaoru Wada returned for the musical score from the previous series and delivers again with a very effective, dramatic and well-orchestrated score. I loved both of the closing songs “With You” by AAA and “Diamond” by alan.

Despite how much I loved this series and the Blu-ray release, I was not a fan of the special features.  There are various production art gallery and various storyboards included on both sets. When it comes to animation, I love seeing artwork. Lastly, there are various Japanese trailers along with their translated credits. I would have loved to see some featurettes on the comparison between the manga and the new series.  Also I would have loved to see some commentary tracks from the English dub discussing taking over for the original cast and their experiences working on the series.

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