DVD Review "The Factory"

factoryActors: John Cusack, Jennifer Carpenter, Dallas Roberts, Mae Whitman, Sonya Walger
Directors: Morgan O’Neill
Rated: R (Restricted)
Studio: Warner Home Video
DVD Release Date: February 19, 2013
Running Time: 104 minutes

Film: 3 out of 5 stars
Extras: None

When I think about John Cusack, I do not think about direct-to-DVD releases.  In fact it almost makes me upset since he is a really great actor and deserves better. I found out that this film had finished shooting in mid 2008 and has been stuck on a limbo shelf for the past five years.  I am not sure why since it has an impressive cast including Jennifer Carpenter from “Dexter” and Mae Whitman from TV’s “Parenthood” and “Arrested Development”. The film is a by-the-book serial killer thriller but delivers a nice surprise ending.

Official Synopsis: Present. Buffalo. The unforgiving winter. A killer roams the streets, abducting women on cold, quiet nights. All prostitutes, missing persons with no one to miss them. He leaves behind no traces, no clues; nothing. Detective Mike Fletcher (John Cusack) is the one cop on the force bent on bringing him to justice. Mike sees the tragedy in all of this: that these poor women are alone in life, and in death. They have no one to stand up for them – no one except him.

“The Factory” is directed by Morgan O’Neil, who is relatively unknown.  He has done two films “Drift” (2012) and “Solo” (2006) that no one has heard of. Thought he does a decent job here.  The film is produced by Joel Silver (“The Matrix” trilogy) and Dark Castle Entertainment. So you know that their is talent behind this. The DVD comes with no special features at all besides a an UltraViolet digital streaming copy. I understand why this film wasn’t released but if you are a fan of Cusack or Carpenter from “Dexter”, it is worth checking out.

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