RJ Mitte talks the final season of AMC’s “Breaking Bad”

RJ Mitte plays the role of Walter Jr. on the hit AMC television series “Breaking Bad”. The show is currently in production on its final season and RJ took some time out of his busy shooting schedule to talk about his involvement with the show and how it has progressed over the last 5 seasons.

Adam Lawton: How did you originally get involved with playing the role of Walter Jr.?
RJ Mitte: I went through the audition process which consisted of 5 separate auditions. I did 4 in Los Angeles and then went out to Albuquerque where I had a screen test and an audition. All of this happened within a couple of weeks. I was at the auditions in Los Angeles while they were telling me to get ready to go to New Mexico. The next day I was on a plane and I had my audition in the morning. From there things just took off and I have been working on the show ever since.

AL: What was your first day on set like?
RJ: It was amazing! Before “Breaking Bad” I wasn’t really doing anything substantial. I was doing background work actually as I was learning at the time how to work on a set. I was still learning how everything worked, what a set does and what it takes to be on a set. I was just sort of thrown in and started seeing how everything worked first hand as a lead actor.

AL: What has it been like working with such a diverse and great cast?
RJ: It’s really awesome. We have a great cast and crew. I can only imagine how differently things would be if we shot the show in Los Angeles. A lot of what I know about acting comes from working on “Breaking Bad”. Brian, Anna and everybody have taught me so much. Just by watching them is so interesting as everyone has their own style of acting. It’s been an honor to practically grow up watching the show and getting to see how it all comes together.

AL: What has been your experience with the notoriety you have received since the show took off?

RJ: I never thought a show about methamphetamine would get so big. Being recognized is something that has definitely changed. It’s interesting because I never thought people would be coming up to me telling me they love my work. It’s really cool!

AL: What do you think has been the biggest change in your character over the course of the show?
RJ: The views Walter Jr. has of his parents have changed several times. That is something he has been back and forth on. Just the transition of his parents is a big thing. Walter Jr. is in a completely different world. He is your typical kid that is trying to go through life as normally as possible. It’s interesting to see how the writers write his transition from his parents because there have been so many ups and downs.

AL: Have you been able to provide input on the character?
RJ: Yes. For every script we always have input. The writers are pretty open about asking us as to how we feel about certain things. We have been really lucky to be able to do that and to be able to take our characters in to the direction we want them to go.

AL: Can you give us any updates on the upcoming season?
RJ: We are currently shooting as we speak. I just got done shooting the first episode and I have the script for the second. Things are going and it’s insane! There is just so much going on in the first episode that I am anxious to see the fans reactions.

AL: How soon do you get the scripts prior to shooting an episode?
RJ: Usually it’s anywhere from a couple of days to a week. It depends a lot on the shooting schedule. The scripts have become very tight because people have tried stealing them. The scripts are water marked now and at times I have to sign them in and out. So many people are trying to get scripts from the show. Ultimately that just ruins it for everybody when something like that happens. I can tell everyone that this season will be worth the wait.

AL: Do you have a favorite episode from the series?
RJ: I love everything that we have done. Weather I am in the scene or not I love what we have done. I am hoping to have a new personal favorite very soon. We shall see. I have certainly enjoyed my scenes with Brian. It’s been fun.

AL: What other projects have you recently completed or are currently working on?
RJ: I have a movie that was filmed awhile back coming out titled “House of Last Things”. I also just shot a small spot on “Vegas” with Dennis Quaid and Michael Chiklis. That was an amazing set to shoot on and it is really well done. I wasn’t killed off so I could possibly be coming back. I also am scheduled to shoot a film in France as well as Abu Dhabi. I am keeping busy and also looking for more work.

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