Film Review “The Art of Flight 3D”

Actors: Travis Rice, John Jackson, Mark Landvik, Scotty Lago, Jake Blauvelt
Directors: Curt Morgan
Rated: PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
Studio: Red Bull Media House
Running Time: 80 minutes

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

“The Art of Flight 3D” not just another documentary film about snowboarding. It is much more.  The film was released prior back in September 2011 but was not in 3D.  Let me tell you that adding the third dimension to this film really makes the difference.  Like I said this is not just about snowboarding, the film is jam-packed with action, adventure and even drama. It follows the well-known snowboarder Travis Rice and his friends as it follows them over two years as they aim to experience the limit of snowboarding. The film is released from Red Bull film division…that’s right the energy drink.  This film is your average documentary on a bender of Red Bull.  I would highly recommend experiencing this film, especially in 3D.

Official Synopsis: Brace yourself for a new breed of action sports film as Red Bull Media House presents the re-release of Red Bull Media House’s acclaimed film now in 3D titled “The Art of FLIGHT 3D,” a Curt Morgan film. “The Art of FLIGHT 3D” combines meaningful storytelling and character development with sport progressing action, all captured on state-of-the-art filmmaking equipment, much of which has been custom designed just for this project. Equal parts stunning action and harrowing adventure mix with the inevitable drama encountered along the way, presenting viewers with an exclusive opportunity to experience these endeavors virtually firsthand. With unprecedented access, the audience will share in the experience as snowboarder Travis Rice, along with a cast of the best riders in the world, complete a two-year quest to redefine what’s possible on a snowboard.

First of all the cinematography in the film is extremely impressive, thanks to filming with the RED camera system. It really scales up the film and makes it feel much bigger. We get to experience the mountains in locations like Chilean Patagonia’s Darwin Range, Alaska’s Tordrillo Range, Wyoming’s Snake River Range, Aspen, Colorado, the Andes, as well as British Columbia’s Kootenay Mountains. The 3D really added a lot of depth to these wonderful landscapes. I am sure it looked amazing on Blu-ray without but I really enjoyed the depth added to the locations. When it comes to snowboarding films, you got to make sure to have a killer soundtrack and “The Art of Flight” does not disappoint. It features the music of The Naked and Famous, M83, Deadmau5, Sigur Rós and more.

“The Art of FLIGHT 3D” will be released exclusively in AMC Theatres on December 7th in markets including New York, Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Spokane, Denver, Salt Lake City, Charlotte and Minneapolis.  The film will also be available via TUGG throughout December 2012 and Winter 2013.  TUGG is a web-platform that enables moviegoers to choose the films that play at their local theaters. Then hopefully Red Bull is planning a 3D Blu-ray release since I would love to own this film for repeat viewings.

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