Film Review “Alter Egos”

Starring: Kris Lemche, Brooke Nevin, Joey Kern, Danny Masterson, John Ventimiglia
Director: Jordan Galland
Distributor: Phase 4 Films
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 79 minutes

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

With a year jam-packed with superheros like “The Avengers” and “The Dark Knight”, “Alter Egos” is the counter-opposite of the spectrum. It is a fun quirky indie dark comedy. It started off and write away it make me think of “The Incredibles”, when the superheros are outlawed.  But this takes its own unique approach to the superhero genre. The film itself I would say lays more on the dark side of the comedy and less of the belly laughs. But there is some good material in this film to entertain.  Overall it might not best film ever but if you got nothing else to do for 80 minutes it is worth checking out.

“Alter Egos” takes place in a variation our world in which super heroes are real but not respected. They have taken care of all crime and since then lost government funding and public support. The film focuses around the superhero, Fridge (Lemche), who is going through his own emotional crisis and leans on his friend and fellow superhero C-Thru (Kern) and a new girl to assist. Though both of them have their own issues as well to deal with.

The film is very smarty written and directed by Jordan Galland, known for his Kris Lemche (“Final Destination 3”) and Joey Kern (“Super Troopers)” plays the main superheros – Fridge and C-Thru (respectively). Both of these get some decent laughs, especially when C-Thru is standing nose to nose with a brick wall. Danny Masterson steals the show though as the asshole cop/superhero reject Jimmy, who’s ability is to turn invisible for only 2.3 secods. The film also has music from Sean Lennon, who also has a quick cameo as well. The great casting overall is one of the main reasons why this film succeeds. The film is available now on VOD, check it!

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