Book Review “Christmas at the Toy Museum”

Author: David Lucas
Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: Walker Childrens Paperbacks
Release Date: October 4, 2012

David Lucas is an internationally acclaimed author/illustrator.  This is the second installment in this series, the first was “Lost in the Toy Museum”. This large format book includes wonderful watercolor and ink illustrations.  It is a charming tale that entertains both children, as well as adults. What child doesn’t love Christmas and what child doesn’t love toys?

Premise: “It’s Christmas Eve at the Toy Museum and when the lights go out the magic begins! One very special Christmas Eve, Bunting and the rest of the toys in the museum are gathered around the tree – but what’s this? There are no presents! What can they do? The normally reserved Bunting has a wonderful idea. Why don’t the toys give themselves to each other as gifts?”

David Lucas has captured all the excitement and magic that comes with the eve of Christmas.  I myself have never been able to sleep the night before Christmas and this book definitely captures what happens when us kids do to sleep every night.  If that doesn’t entertain, what is every child’s fantasy then to have their toys come to life.  Smart move David! Smart move! This book is a perfect blend of both and will have kids and their parents getting in the mood for the holiday.

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