Blu-ray Review “The Best of Little Rascals in 3D”

Actors: George McFarland, Carl Switzer, Billy Thomas, Darla Hood
Directors: Hal Roach
Rated: NR (Not Rated)
Studio: Legend Films
Release Date: October 30, 2012
Run Time: 84 minutes

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

When I was a kid, I remember watching “The Little Rascals” for the first time. The show is a classic and has stood the test of time.  Thanks to Legend Films, this is there first go with 3D conversions and it is definitely a success.  They are also releasing “The Three Stooges in 3D” as well on the same date.  If you are looking for a flashback to TV days of the 50’s with a modern update in the third dimension, then look no further.  The gang has never looks so good and the price cannot be any better either.  These episodes are a no-brainer and I hope that Legend has plans to release more classic shows in 3D in the coming months.

The following episodes are included in 3D: “Fly My Kite, “A Lad in a Lamp”, “The Kid from Borneo”, “Hi Neighbor” and “Hide and Shriek”.  They are restored and look very sharp on Blu-ray and the 3D conversion is quite impressive and work well with the show.  The episodes are still over 50 years old, so there is so age but overall, it is a really nice restore on Blu-ray. These shorts are available in both a colorized & the original B&W restored versions.  I like the idea of having both versions available but I still prefer the B&W but I feel that the colorized versions work better with the 3D.

Official Premise: Spanky, Buckwheat, Porky and all The Little Rascals at their hilarious best! Your family will fall in love with the antics of Our Gang as they get lost in a haunted house, race down a precarious hill in their homemade fire engine, and try to survive an unexpected visit from the famous Wild Man of Borneo! These timeless comedy classics have been given a high-definition restoration and colorization that is second only to the stunning stereoscopic 3D conversion! The kids will leap off the screen and right back into your hearts in this collection of hilarious and entertaining Rascals films — now presented in 3D for the very first time!

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