DVD Review “A Beary Scary Movie”

Directed by: Justin Beasley
Starring: IWrestledABearOnce
Century Media Records/Supremacy Films
Rated: N/A
Runtime: 1hr 14 min.

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Not since the release of Dokken’s 1987 song “Dream Warriors” has a metal band been able to fully incorporate their sound in to a horror film. In this case the Shreveport, Illinois rockers IWrestledABearOnce not only incorporated their music in to the film but they also star in it. “A Beary Scary Movie” directed by Justin Beasley made its theatrical debut in late 2011 and is now set for a DVD release on Nov. 6th. The story is based around the band being hunted down by an undead guitar wielding psycho path named Shreddy. Accompanied by a blistering soundtrack and several notable cameos “A, Beary Scary Movie” is a refreshing spin on the standard band promotional video.

If you are looking for award winning performances and cutting edge special effect then this film isn’t for you. However if you are anything like myself and love campy, B-movie type films then “A Beary Scary Movie will be right up our ally. Even if you’re not a fan a said genres but enjoy some really killer music do yourself a favor and check this film out. Clocking in 1 hr and 14 minutes this is not your average promotional film. Instead it’s packed with comedic performances by Shawn Crahan and his son Gage along with other great cameos by Jake Busey, Christy Johnson and of course the members of IWrestledABearOnce. The film is full of cliché 80’s horror references, interesting character names and colorful dialogue which only add to the overall appeal of the film.

“A Beary Scary Movie” may not be for everyone but it should be! Lots of gore, laughs and metal music makes this a really fun film to throw in and watch with friends. We only received the feature film to review but I am really hoping that the DVD release will include a special features portion as a movie like this surely warrants one.


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