Concert Review “Twins of Evil Tour” Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson – Rochester, NY

“Twins of Evil Tour”
Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson
Date: Tuesday, October 16th 2012
Venue: Main St. Armory, Rochester, NY

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

The Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson co-headlining tour known as “The Twins of Evil” tour made a stop at the Main St. Armory in Rochester, NY on Tuesday, October 16th and performed to a near sold out house. Though production issues seemed to set the night in to a bit of a spin and talks of the previous nights altercation between Manson and Zombie swirling both acts went as scheduled and without incident.

Opening act DJ Starscream aka Sid Wilson of Slipknot was not able to perform his set due to the time crunch caused by production however fans didn’t seem to mind the change as the opening spot of the tour has been somewhat questionable after original opener JDub aka Jonathan Davis lead singer of Korn backed out of the spot sighting exhaustion prior to the tours start. Without an opening act to prime the crowd the headliners had to work a little bit harder this evening to warm up the crowd. Marilyn Manson would take the stage first and though the crowd started off fairly unresponsive about midway through the set the crowd sprang to life as Manson and company performed some of their more notable song such as “mObscene”, “Sweet Dreams” and the always rousing “Beautiful People”. Though Manson interacted little with the somewhat stagnant crowd he carried on with his show un-phased and did little to entice a response. After a rather lengthy set change Rob Zombie would take the stage flanked by excessive amounts of smoke and lighting which filled the medium sized venue instantly. Zombie is still performing a fairly similar set to that of his last 3 tours however despite nothing really new for the fans to see or hear the band still sounded great. White Zombie hits such as “More Human than Human” and “Thunder Kiss ‘65” were definite highlights of the set as was Zombies closing number “Dragula”.

Though this night went fairly smooth I wouldn’t be surprised if this tour doesn’t end in some sort of big catastrophe. Though tensions seemed to be calmed for the moment Manson is known for having a somewhat volatile and unpredictable personality. With there already having been one altercation on this tour it makes me think there could be more troubles down the line. If you have your tickets already for this show hold on to your receipts as this tour could go up in flames at anytime. However if it does stay on track then be prepared for a solid show.

Marilyn Manson Set List:
1.) Hey, Cruel World
2.) Disposable Teens
3.) The Love Song
4.) No Reflection
5.) mObscene
6.) The Dope Show
7.) Slo-Mo-Tion
8.) Rock is Dead
9.) Personal Jesus
10.) Sweet Dreams
11.) Coma White
12.) King Kill 33
13.) Antichrist Superstar
14.) The Beautiful People

Rob Zombie Set List:
1.) Jesus Frankenstein
2.) Superbeast
3.) Meet the Creeper
4.) Living Dead Girl
5.) More Human Than Human
6.) Mars Needs Women
7.) Drum solo
8.) Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Koovy)
9.) Sick Bubble Gum
10.) Scum of the Earth
11.) Pussy Liquor
12.) Thunder Kiss ‘65
13.) School’s Out
14.) Dragula

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