3D Blu-ray Review “History in 3D”

The History Channel
Number of discs: 3
Rated: NR (Not Rated)
Release Date: November 13, 2012
Run Time: 179 minutes

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

When I first heard that this release was coming out I was very excited to get some new 3D specials from The History Channel.  When I found out that this was just a collection of previously released Blu-ray’s, I was a little disappointed.  The Blu-ray’s included are “History of the World in Two Hours”, “Titanic 100 Years in 3D” and “WWII in 3D”. These specials are still very impressive and makes this set a must own (of course, if you don’t already own them individually).  “History in 3D” also comes with a nice lenticular cover. The History Channel is also releasing “The Universe in 3D” Blu-ray set as well on the same day. So hopefully, they will continue this trend in the future.

“History of the World in Two Hours”: From the formation of the earth and the emergence of life, to the advance of man and the growth of civilization, the CGI-driven History of the World in Two Hours in 3D offers viewers a rapid-fire view of 14 billion years of history.

Titanic 100 Years in 3D”:  In 2010, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and RMS Titanic, Inc. undertook an unprecedented expedition to document the entire wreck site and capture it all with high-resolution optical video, sonar, acoustic imaging, and 3D-HD video. Titanic: 100 Years in 3D pairs this stunning imagery with powerful untold stories of passengers and crew.

“WWII in 3D”: Creates a fully immersive portrait of history’s largest and bloodiest conflict. From the rise of the Nazis and their sweep across Europe to the Allied counterattack and the fall of Nazi Germany, dramatic moments were captured in 3D and then shuttered away in secret archives. Compiled here for the first time, are 3D color photos from Allied reconnaissance, images documenting the rise and fall of the Third Reich, photos secretly taken by a civilian in occupied France and more.

I think my favorite of the three is still  “WWII in 3D”.  I feel that it has the most bang for its buck.  It also included original 3D content from the days of the Third Reich.  “History of the World in Two Hours” still feels like it doesn’t cover enough in its 90 minutes (not two hours technically). The 3D on all these three specials are very impressive though, especially with their 1080p transfers.   These specials have never aired on TV, at least not in 3D.  So if you are a fan of The History Channel, I highly recommend these. Lastly, like the previous individual releases there are no additional special features included.

WWII in 3D”

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