DVD Review “Sky Commanders: The Complete Animated Series”

Created by: Hanna-Barbera
Director: Don Lusk
Distributed by: Warner Archive
Rating: Not Rated
Running Time: 273 minutes

Series: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Growing up in the 80’s watching daily afternoon cartoons, I always enjoyed shows like “G.I. Joe”, “Thundercats” and of course “Sky Commanders”. This show was short but definitely left an impact on animated cartoons. It is not one of Hanna-Barbera’s best works but if you are looking for a trip back to the late 80’s, this is a great choice. “Sky Commanders” follows Commander Mike Summit as he leads a ragtag team of mountaineers against the forces of General Plague for control of a mysterious new continent and, of course, the world. The complete series is spread out over 2-discs and lasts only a short 13-episodes.

Unlike most Warner Archive releases, this series has not been remastered or restored for this DVD. The colors and animation still look decent but could have used a little extra love. It has though been manufactured from the best-quality video master currently available. The episodes are presented in 4×3 full frame and within its original aspect ration of 1.37:1. The audio includes a mono track like all Warner Archive releases and it works well with the series for sure. Nonetheless, this release should be very much welcomed as it is the first time that “Sky Commanders”, as a complete series, is hitting DVD.

Synopsis: Deep in the South Pacific, a tumultuous and untamed new continent has erupted, spawned by a highly unstable new element, known as Phaeta-7. If this powerful new element could be controlled, whoever possessed it would be the undisputed ruler of the world! One man, General Lucas Plague, is determined to hold that title. And it’s up to a rugged team of mountaineering experts, led by Commander Mike Summit, to stop him. Employing revolutionary new gravity-lock and laser-cable technology to traverse the ever-changing terrain of the High Frontier, Mike Summit’s Sky Commanders, and General Plague’s Raiders, are locked in mortal combat, with the fate of the entire world hanging in the balance! That narration heralded the arrival of a Sci-Fi show that truly boasted sky high action, depicting the battles of a group of hi-tech climbers against a terror militia for control of the planet in this complete 2-Disc, 13-Episode Collection.

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