DVD Review “Séance: The Summoning”

Directed by: Alex Wright
Starring: Chris Olivero, Bobby Campo, Nazneen Contractor
MPAA Rating: R
Distributed by: Lionsgate Home Entertainment
Release Date: October 2, 2012
Running Time: 89 minutes

Film:1 out of 5 stars
Extras: 1 out of 5 stars

When Halloween comes each year, there is always a flood of new horror pics.  Some are good but most are crap.  “Séance” kinda falls right in line with the crap.  It’s main pride is that it is from an executive producer of “Hellraiser”.  The film suffers from some really bad “grade D” acting. I mean when girls scream should it be scary-like and not annoying as hell? If you are looking for a good exorcism flick from this year, check out “The Possession”. I literally had a really hard time even just finishing this film.  Not to mention that the cover has zero to actually do with the film itself.

Official Synopsis: Four friends decide to break into the city morgue and record themselves holding a séance after Joey (Campo) accuses the other of being a fake psychic medium. When the group summons a demon by mistake, Joey breaks the circle of protection and causes himself to be vulnerable. Once possessed they will have to find a way to drive the demon out of their friend before it destroys them all.

Lionsgate delivers a nice DVD presentation, though in today’s times…why no Blu-ray? The audio track included is a 5.1 Dolby Digital, which sounds good for DVD. The only extra included on this release is the featurette is “The Making of Séance: The Summoning”.  It is worth checking out if you enjoyed the film and looking for just a little more.  Since that is really all you get, overall it is too short.  Lastly there is a trailer gallery included.

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  1. I enjoyed the film, particularly Bobby Campo’s performance. I liked “The Possession” but “Seance” is much scarier in my opinion.

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