Blu-ray Review “Judge Dredd”

Directed by: Danny Cannon
Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Diane Lane, Armand Assante, Jurgen Prochnow, Rob Schneider
MPAA Rating: R
Distributed by: Hollywood Pictures Home Entertainment
Release Date: September 18, 2012
Running Time: 96 minutes

Film: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Extra: 2 out of 5 stars

“I am the Law!” – Easily one of the best quotes in any film.  Even better since it is said by Sylvester Stallone, so perfectly.  This film was not a big success as it was deemed too cartoonish for the character of Dredd.  This was also released during the decline in the Stallone’s popularity.  I personally have always been a fan of this film.  It has a lot of problems but overall it is a fun film…yes even though Rob Schneider is in it.  Disney to choosing to re-release this film on Blu-ray now to time it with the release of Lionsgate’s “Dredd 3D”. If you are a fan of this film though, then this is a no-brainer purchase.

Even though this film was a big-budget release, it never really seemed like high quality production.  The 1080p transfer though looks very impressive and definitely one of the best of the recent Disney catalog releases.  The audio track includes a nice DTS-HD MA 5.1. It does its job very well.  It is very loud and delivers a punch like Mr. Dredd himself. There is a lot of action in this film and overall it sounds very impressive. Alan Silvestri’s score also sounds very impressive with the track.

The special features are not as impressive though.  Basically the only feature is a short 20 minutes featurette called “Stallone’s Law: The Making of Judge Dredd”. It techincally is a new feature but not newly produced.  It is a this made-for-TV promotional piece from 1995,though it was not included on 1998 DVD of “Judge Dredd”. Lastly there is the theatrical trailer and opens with a short narration by James Earl Jones.  Overall the extras could have used a little amping up in the content area but Disney still delivered a great release overall.

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