Jerry Piscitelli talks about changing beer pong with co-founding “Port-O-Pong”

Jerry Piscitelli is one of the co-founders of “Port-O-Pong”, which takes the game of beer pong into the water. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Jerry about this amazing creation and his love for beer pong.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us how you came up with the idea for aquatic beer pong?
Jerry Piscitelli: We were planning a vacation and wanted to stay in the pool as much as possible and have fun, with a few failed attempts we came up with the idea for portopong and the world of aquatic beer pong was created.

MG: Tell us about the huge world record recently set in Las Vegas and how did that come about?
JP What you dont know about this already? Well pretty much we got some amazing looking people together for a day in the pool in vegas to play portopong and now can claim the most people to play at the same time was with us!

MG: Tell us about your latest trend for “PortOPongING”?
JP: Tebowing was pretty much all anyone did for a while – this got a bit lame so we wanted to spice it up a bit. #PORTOPONGING comes about similar to planking – you lay as flat as you can on a table and someone takes your pix. Now with a portopong you can do this trend in a pool or lake as well as on the roof of a car.

MG: What is the fastest you have ever completed a game of beer pong?
JP: Once we were at a beer festival and were challenged by some fans for a free table – we gave them first shots, they missed and we ran the table with back to back double cups and won the game in less than 5 minutes. (We gave them the table afterwards).

MG: What ideas do you have planned next to improve beer pong?
JP: Improve it! We just want to play it, running a internationally known empire takes you away from what you love most. I think we will keep promoting the brand until everyone in the world can say I own one! Then we will say now its time to improve this – until then…

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