Concert Review “2012 Vans Warped Tour”

“2012 Vans Warped Tour”
Date: Tuesday, July 17th 2012
Venue: Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien Center, NY

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

The rolling circus known as the Vans Warped Tour made its way to the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center in Darien Center, NY on July 17th. Though the temperatures for the day reach triple digits and constant wind/dust pounded concert goers and performers the day was still packed with tons of great performances.

With the tour growing larger each year it was amazing to see just how far the tour has come since its inception in the mid 90’s. The year’s tour features 11 stages and a variety of vendors and exhibits. Due to the layout at this venue the two main stages were quite a distance apart causing some difficulty when trying to catch acts that had set times close to each other. The closeness of the set times is a common problem with festivals and this one was definitely no exception.

The always entertaining Of Mice and Men kicked off the day with an energy fueled performance that instantly ignited the crowd which was pretty impressive for an 11:30am start time. Though the bands performance was brief they packed every possible second with greatness. Other highlights of the day were Warped Tour veterans New Found Glory, hometown favorites Every Time I Die and an insanely brutal performance from the Troy, Ohio based band Miss May I.

Though the day was long, hot and dusty those in attendance didn’t seem to mind as the overall mood of the festival was fun and upbeat. Concert goers shifted from stage to stage with ease and most everyone in attendance was somewhat courteous. If you are planning on attending one of this year’s tour dates make sure you are prepared to not only have a great time but to also brave the various elements.

Stage Line Ups:

Kio Rio Stage                             Kia Soul Stage                                 Monster Energy Stage

Chelsea Grin                                  Of Mice & Men                                     Mayday Parade

Skinny Lister                                 Four Year Strong                              Vampires Everywhere

Breathe Caroline                          New Found Glory                              Bless the Fall

Every Time I Die                          Blood on the Dance Floor              You Me At Six

Miss May I                                      We The Kings                                       The Ghost Inside

Streetlight Manifesto                 Falling In Reverse                              For Today

All Time Low                                 Taking Back Sunday                           Title Fight

Pierce The Veil                               Yellow Card                                         Rise to Remain

Sleeping with Sirens

Motionless in White

Memphis Mayfire

Tillys Stage                        House of Marley Stage                          Kevin Says Stage

Vanna                                       Ballyhoo                                                            Twin Atlantic

I Fight Dragons                     Stepdad                                                              Matt Toka

Polar Bear Club                     The Constellations                                         Tonight Alive

Bayside                                     G-Eazy                                                                Skip the Foreplay

Man Overboard                     T.Mills                                                                Super Water Sympathy

Senses Fail                               Mod Sun                                                            The Stellar Life

We Are The Crowd               The Green                                                          We Are the Ocean

A Loss For Words                 Dustin Jones & The Rising Tide                The Silver Comet

Lostprophets                          Tomorrows Bad Seeds                                 Captain Capa

Justina                                       Echo Movement                                             Bang Ups

Funeral Party                                                                                                        Lost in Society

After the Burial

Cherri Bomb

Dead Sara


Ernie Ball Stage                        Acoustic Basement Stage          Silent Disco

Anchor Me Down                          Kevin Meyer                                            Tony D’ Angelo

Rose City Burial                             Mariko                                                        Sas Attack

Young Bloods                                 We Are the Ocean                                   DJ Saucy

Through the Floor                        Geof Rickley                                             Wick-It The Instigator

Rosedale                                           Brian Marquis

Greek Fire                                        Transit

Danielle Barbe                                Owen Plant

Cold Forty Three                           A Loss for Words

Transit                                                Make Do and mend

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!        Koji

Born of Osiris                                   Anthony Raneri

Iwrestledabearonce                     Skinny Lister


Troy Harley


Bring It Back Stage                                             Stage

Abadawn & The Kill Party      Adrienne Mack-Davis                           Stateside

Blue Funk Squad                         One Be Lo                                                   Atlantic Avenue

Baxter Wordsworth                  Chicharones                                              Phone Calls from Home

Zeps & Damanalz                                                                                               Avalon Roe

Verble                                                                                                                    Prolong the Agony

Maulskull                                                                                                              Junk or Decore

Bboy Showcase                                                                                                   Wargames

Dox Black                                                                                                              Larry Gee

Subkulture Patriots

J Ross Parrelli

Oso Slick

Quite Nyce

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