Blu-ray Review “Father’s Day”

Directors: Astron-6
Starring: Adam Brooks, Mackenzie Murdock, Matthew Kennedy, Conor Sweeney
MPAA Rating: Unrated
Distributed by: Troma Entertainment
Release Date: August 14, 2012
Running Time: 99 minutes

Film: 3 out of 5 stars
EXtras: 3.5 out of 5 stars

I think Astron-6 and Troma teaming up on this film is definitely a good match.  Do I think they made the perfect film, no.  The film is not only offensive, it is extremely offensive and almost hard to watch.  But that was the plan and what was expected for sure, so it does not come as a shock.  It doesn’t make it anymore watchable though.  I’ve been watching Troma films for over 20 years and vulgar they have always this is a new high…or low for even them.  Astron-6 definitely should get credit for trying to make a film that is so over-the-top it actually works…mostly minus the male/male rape. They even did this on a ridiculously low-budget of $10,000 and it looks like it costs at least 10x that.  So I commend the special effects, especially the green screen work that is very impressive.  This is really a true grindhouse film even including a commercial about two thirds of the way through.  Maybe this film wasn’t 100% for me personally, it definitely has an audience I assume (but not a very wide one though).

There is really no words that can describe this film. From the trailer it makes it seem that this focuses on The Father’s Day Killer, but there is so much more including genital mutilation and many scenes of male rape.  If you are not a fan of acts of sodomy and other gross behavior you might want to skip this film all together.  But if you aware of Troma’s style you might be looking for this. The general story follows Ahab, a man who is seeking a violent revenge on the man who raped and murdered his dad. He joins up with an unlikely duo of a priest named John and a street hustler, Twink.  Together the three set out to find this so-called Father’s Day Killer and get their revenge.

The video presentation on this Blu-ray does look rather decent, even though its comes with an MPEG-2 encode and its purposely scratchy print and VHS quality aspects. The film also includes an aspect ratio: 1.78:1. I understand that this film trying to really be a Grindhouse film, so the Dolby Digital 2.0 track is in-line with that. Since it is on Blu-ray though, there is a certain expectation of quality…even though it is Troma. The audio is simply rather disappointing. The Blu-ray presentation comes in a great packaging with old school video store stickers. It comes in a four-disc set with one Blu-ray disc, two DVDs and even one CD.  The release is limited edition and numbered out of 5,000. The Blu-ray contains just the film and an HD trailer, there are no special features. The first DVD comes with the film in standard definition and a trailer and a two very short deleted scenes. The rest of the special features are located on the second DVD disc. The fourth disc includes a CD Sampler of songs from the film’s soundtrack.

While though, the special features are presented on the second DVD disc and besides being all in standard definition, there is no shortage of them. Lloyd Kaufman introduces the film at Comic-Con, which also starts with the beginning of the film. There are the same deleted scenes as the first DVD, no idea why they duplicated. There are four features focusing on foreskin, ranging from the original “Father’s Day” foreskin to extended to animated to TV version, but all offensive. There is a Behind the Scenes Slideshow, which runs less than 5 minutes. There are two “Make Your Own Damn” features on Fuchman and on a Tire Iron. Similarly, there is a faux “Create Your Own Damn Award Winning Movie Poster The Dude Designs Way”. I am a big fan of The Dude Designs personally. “Roll Out the Blood Carpet” runs just over 15 minutes and covers the various different “Father’s Day” premiere nights. “Troma & Astron-6 Charm Festival of Fear” is a short 5 minutes Q&A at Toronto. It’s not Troma with nude shots and that calls for “Super Tromette Elena Recreates the Low Life”. “Father’s Day Article at Rue Morgue Magazine” is so pointless and hard to read. “Babies the Fathers Gave Birth to Before Birthing Father’s Day” are shorts from Astron-6 including “Lazer Ghosts” and “Cool Guys”. “Make Your Own Damn Green Screen! (A Lesson by Lloyd Kaufman)” is the best feature focusing on those sequences, Lastly there are to non-connected with its with director James Gunn and South Park’s Matt Stone.

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