Film Review “Piranha 3DD”

Directed by: John Gulager
Starring: Danielle Panabaker, Matt Bush, David Koechner, Chris Zylka, Katrina Bowden, Gary Busey, Christopher Lloyd, David Hasselhoff
Distributed by Dimension Films
MPAA Rating: R
Running time: 83 minutes

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

When I saw “Piranha 3D” in the theaters back in 2010, I was blown away and had quite a lot of fun. Of course that film left the ending wide open for a sequel. Though this sequel has not had an easy road, it was rushed to be released, them pushed back and then basically canned. If you are looking to watch “Piranha 3DD” in 3D in theaters…think again, since it is only being released in a sad 75 theaters in North America. Luckily it is also coming out in VOD on outlets like Amazon, iTunes and Vudu, of course those aren’t in 3D like the film is intended. Thanks to DirecTV for hooking this film up in 3D and for a very reasonable $7.99. But after watching the film was it even worth all this hassle?

I have been very eager to see this film, especially after seeing the completely over-the-top red band trailer. Let’s just say I enjoyed it but was disappointed. The film feels very rushed and has zero focus…though still tries to have fun. The scale of the film seems very tone compared to the first and the impact of the piranha attack seems to be very underwhelming and quick. Now with that all aside, there are a bunch of great gags, some including penises (double entendre, ha!). The gore is present but not over-the-top like I was hoping. The double DD’s are definitely present as well but get’s lost in the shuffle.

The best part of the film is the supporting cast. David Koechner is funny as always. Christopher Lloyd is always a favorite of mine and I am very happy he returned to the role of Mr. Goodman. Gary Busey’s role is way too short and not as effective of a kick-off as the Dreyfuss bit was in the first film. Ving Rhames is a laugh riot as well but I wish his role was expanded. How can you say no to a line like “Gimme ma legs”? The VIP of the film though has to be David Hasselhoff. He absolutely steals the show, as usual, and really has a good time poking fun at himself.

The effects in the film are decent and I give them credit for using a mix of CG and puppet piranhas as well. The 3D effects are present but don’t really top the first film. This a little disappointing especially since the first film was post-converted and this was actually shot in 3D. But despite all the negative, this film is still downright fun…stupid…but fun. Dimension Films, if you are reading this…I still want a “Piranha 3”, but you can keep John Gulager. I wouldn’t want him to turn this franchise into what he did with the “Feast” films.  Be sure to stick around for through the credits to enjoy some more fun and outtakes with The Hoff stealing it again! You go Hoff!

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