Blu-ray Review “Project X”

Directed by: Nima Nourizadeh
Starring: Thomas Mann, Jonathan Daniel Brown, Oliver Cooper
MPAA Rating: R
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures
Release Date: June 19, 2012
Running Time: 88 minutes

Film: 1 out of 5 stars
Extras: 1 out of 5 stars

Maybe I am getting old but to have a film with this kind of warning…I just shake my head.”No one should attempt to recreate or re-enact any of the scenes, stunts or general activities portrayed in the film.”  I have seen all the “Jackass” movies and they do not come even close to this trash.  The film has aimed to be a comedy but is jokeless, it contains no plot and just proves that our teen society is out of control.  I can tell you one thing my kid will never see this film, its like having too much candy…it will rot your brain.

Since the film shot with handcam, it is choppy and raw, so it is not really a film that shines on Blu-ray.  It is still presented well in its 1080p transfer.  It’s audio contains a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track, which work with the film’s madness.  Warner’s delivered the goods like normally, including a Blu-ray/DVD Combo + UltraViolet Digital Copy.

The special features are terrible just like the film.  “The Pasadena Three” is a featurette on the three idiot teens and how they got their roles “acting”, if you can call it that. “Declassified” is a basic behind-the-scenes look at the production or lack their of.  There is “Xpensive: Tallying Up the Damages” which looks into the aftermath of the crazy night. Lastly there is two cuts of the film, the theatrical and the extended cut.  Though the theatrical cut was enough “Project X” for me for a lifetime.

Premise: “Project X” is an out-of-control comedy that follows a group of buds who set out to throw the most epic 17th birthday party ever. The film documents a high school party that gets completely out of control, shot from the perspective of the digital cameras that the kids have with them.

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