Tom Hiddleston talks about playing Loki in “Marvel’s The Avengers”

Tom Hiddleston is known best for his role of Loki in “Thor” and the upcoming “The Avengers”. Media Mikes was able to attend a recent press conference and got a chance to ask Tom a few questions about the role and also what we can expect from “The Avengers”.

Mike Gencarelli: Loki traditionally doesn’t have as cool of a signature weapon as most of the super-heroes out there. What prop or weapon from the “Avengers” were you jealous of?
Tom Hiddleston: Well, if you’ve seen the new trailer, I do get to play with a rather wonderful toy in the film. But there was one day on the set when I managed to get a hold of Captain America’s shield and I went parading around with it. One of the producers stopped me and asked, “What are you doing with that?” (laughs)

Q: If you could put together your own team of super-heroes – let’s say – super-villains, who would be your evil super friends if you could choose from any characters in literature, comics, movies, etc
TH: Hmmmmmm (thinking) A little bit of help from Darth Vader, if I might. Hans Gruber from “Die Hard.” Scar from “The Lion King.” Robert Patrick from “Terminator 2” – the T-1000. Probably Schwarzenegger from “Terminator.” Iago, absolutely. That’s a pretty awesome group of people

Q: Since you brought it up, what was the “rather wonderful toy” you eluded to that you get to play with?
TH: It’s a kind of evolution of the staff that he played with at the end of “Thor.” But that’s Odin’s spear. So at the end of “Thor,” it’s Odin’s spear – this is his own makeshift staff of destruction.

Q: Will Odin be in “The Avengers?
TH: Odin won’t be in “The Avengers.”

Q: In the trailer it looks like all of the action takes place in New York. Is Loki coming to destroy New York or is he here to do damage on a global scale?
TH: Well, no…it’s not just one city. But inevitably Manhattan becomes the focus point, partly because that’s where Tony Stark lives. There’s one shot in the trailer where you can see, I think, the Quinjet flying towards Manhattan and in the middle of it is Stark Tower, which is in the fictitious world of the comics. Tony Stark has a huge interestingly-shaped tower opposite the Chrysler building, which is his base of operations. That’s where Stark Industries works out of. And so Stark Tower becomes a focus point for lots of reasons.

Q: What is Loki’s relationship with Stellan Skarsgård’s character in this movie?
TH: (laughing) This is where I can sense the red dot forming on my forehead. (laughs again) And the Marvel sniper in the corner on the roof over there — he’s got his eye on me. Working with Stellan…he’s amazing. He’s someone I’ve long admired as an actor. I really do think he’s an exceptional, exceptional actor and is really capable of bringing a level of complexity and truth to roles and performances which in another actor’s hands could seem dry or slightly invisible. So I loved working with him — he’s a real actor’s actor. He’s been doing it for so long. He plays the same character in “Avengers” that he played in “Thor”… Erik Selvig, who is a scientist. He’s employed by S.H.I.E.L.D. after his encounters with S.H.I.E.L.D. in “Thor,” to do some work for them. That’s all I can say.

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