Bruce Campbell chats about “Evil Dead” Remake and “Burn Notice”

Bruce Campbell is one of my favorite actors of all-time. His films like “The Evil Dead” series have such a cult following behind them. Bruce is also a series regular on the hit show “Burn Notice”, entering its six season this summer. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Bruce again about the upcoming “Evil Dead” remake to “Burn Notice” to hanging out on Twitter.

Mike Gencarelli: We are all anxious for a sequel to “My Name is Bruce”, what is the current status of “Bruce Vs. Frankenstein”?
Bruce Campbell: On hold. Not sure if I want to make another “meta” movie. I think fans want real action, not “fake” action.

MG: You mentioned it would be the “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World of horror”, can you let us know who are looking to get in the film?
BC: If we make it, I would try and get as many old/new horror icons as possible.

MG: Season 6 of “Burn Notice” is expected to begin Summer 2012, what can we expect from Sam Axe?
BC: More of the same bad ass action. I don’t know the upcoming plots, but the basic stuff I have been told is really cool.

MG: Anymore spin-off movies planned after “The Fall of Sam Axe”?
BC: Not sure. None planned now, but the ratings were great, so…

MG: Tell us about your experience working on “Cars 2” voicing Rod ‘Torque’ Redline?
BC: It was very enjoyable working directly with John Lasseter, but very short. I just did one session since, technically I get killed off early.

MG: We all know that “Ash” isn’t going to be in the “Evil Dead” remake, why did you decide to assist in producing the film?
BC: I’m a producer on all the Evil Dead films, so it’s only natural. This way, we can stay involved and make sure the fans dig the end result.

MG: Will you having a cameo the film in any sense?
BC: Can’t say.

MG: Since joining twitter as @GroovyBruce, what do you enjoy most about using the social network?
BC: It’s a great way to see who’s out there, what they like, what they want to know – and it’s also a way to let them know what’s coming up.

MG: Tell about your involvement with Oregon Cultural Trust?
BC: I’m just a big fan of Oregon and a big fan of culture, so it seemed like a good fit.

MG: Can we expect you to make a cameo in Sam Raimi’s latest film “Oz: The Great and Powerful”?
BC: Heck yeah – filmed it last fall. Stay tuned on that!

3 Replies to “Bruce Campbell chats about “Evil Dead” Remake and “Burn Notice””

  1. I like how Bruce really answer get to the point. Question, direct answer, next !

  2. That’s Bruce!!! Every time we speak, he always says “short and sweet”!

  3. I like how he didn’t really answer the question about the oregon cultural trust

    Reminds me about his answer to the question about his fave ice cream – tin roof as it’s always on the house – ba dump dump chshshshshshshsh

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