Book Review “The Art of Disney/Pixar’s Brave”

Author: Jenny Lerew
Hardcover: 160 pages
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Release Date: May 30, 2012

Our Score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

I would consider myself one of the biggest fans of Pixar’s work. I even enjoyed “Cars 2”, even though it wasn’t the smartest film they have ever done. Since seeing the trailer to “Brave”, I haven’t been completely wowed yet. It looks decent but I don’t really see the Pixar charm. This book definitely delivers that charm and has totally kick started my interest to see this film. It really draws you in into its artistic world. I felt myself going back and forth within this book trying to soak it all in.  Honestly couldn’t put it down and I know it will be revisited frequently…especially after seeing the film.

For Pixar, “Brave”, which is their thirteenth feature film, is a very important film for them, especially following up “Cars 2”. It is also their first feature film to be driven by a female lead and set in an historical period. In this book we get to meet the Disney’s latest princess Merida and get completely emerged on her journey of magic, danger and adventure and most importantly bonds of family.  You also get an inside look at all of the film’s characters and drawn in by all of the beautiful landscapes that the film takes place in.

When I pick up an “Art of”, I really expect amazing concept art from the film, especially from the talent of Pixar. This book features not only delivers out-of-this-world concept art but also some really interesting behind-the-scenes interviews with the artists and filmmakers from “Brave”. There is also color scripts, sculptures, and storyboards. You really get great insight into this film and its adventure that it will take you on. Once aspect that I really enjoyed was the fact that their was concept art dating back all the way to 2004. It just shows how much work really goes into making a film like “Brave”.

This book is authored by Jenny Lerew, an animation story artist and most recently worked on the DreamWorks Animation film “How to Train Your Dragon”. She really does a great job of wheeling you into the film and giving a great insight into the creative process. I also enjoyed the preface from John Lasseter and foreword from the directors of “Brave”, Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews. Since these people are tightly involved with Pixar, you can tell that this book has the Pixar approval. As always Chronicle Books scored again with there “Art of” books. Look forward to their next release.

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