Blu-ray Review “Chronicle: The Lost Footage Edition”

Directed by: Josh Trank
Starring: Michael B. Jordan, Michael Kelly, Alex Russell
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Distributed by: 20th Century Fox
Release Date: May 15, 2012
Run Time: 84 minutes

Film: 4 out of 5 stars
Extras: 2.5 out of 5 stars

It is rare that a film gets better with repeat viewings…well “Chronicle” does. The film is such a simple idea that packs such a payoff in the end that it only get better and better. Since this release is called “The Lost Footage Edition”, I was hoping for a decent Unrated Director’s Cut. But it is really not much more that just glorified extended scenes. I still prefer the Theatrical Cut and if you stick with that then this film will not disappoint. Found Footage POV films were given a whole new twist with this film and I look forward to “Chronicle 2”.

“Chronicle” follows three high school kids that come across a mysterious object buried in the ground, touch it and end up with superpowers. It is basically that simple. The guys firstly experience some telekinesis by moving cars around parking lots or pranks in grocery stores but then they realize they can do a hell of a lot more. Once they find out they can fly things get amped up quite a bit. When one of the guys takes his powers a little too far, it is up to his friends to try and stop him before it is too late.

The Blu-ray looks and sounds out of this world (get it?). Seriously, the 1080p transfer looks so vibrant, even though it is considered a low-budget POV film. The sound packs an impressive DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and works so well with the film’s action scenes. This release, along with the Blu-ray, comes with a DVD disc of the film and a digital copy. Since this is the “The Lost Footage Edition”, the film does include both the Unrated Director’s Cut and the Theatrical Cut.

The special features though are not as impressive as the film at all. There is no commentary tracks, interviews or major behind-the-scenes featurettes. There is a short feature looking into the camera tests, which showcase the tricks from the film. “Pre-Viz” focuses on the special effects sequences, would have been decent if it was about 15 minutes longer. There is a brief deleted scene called “Matt and Casey in Kitchen”. Lastly, there is the theatrical trailer and “Chronicle” Soundtrack Info included.

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  1. This movie is awesome. When my husband and I saw this at the movies we were very very satisfied. We actually referred a lot of our friends to see the movie. Once again we were satisfied.

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