Film Review “The Kill Hole”

Directed by: Mischa Webley
Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Tory Kittles, Billy Zane, Peter Greene
Rated: N/A
Alternate Ending Studios

Our Score: 3.5 out of 5 stars

“The Kill Hole” directed by Mischa Webley is a film that tells the tale of two soldiers and how they are coping with what they did while in the service. Chadwick Boseman plays the character of Lt. Samuel Drake an ex-soldier struggling to deal with some of the things he and his unit did while working for a Government Contractor. Tory Kittles plays the role of Sgt. Devon Carter a retired army sniper living a secluded life in the mountains while plotting revenge against the officers responsible for ruining his mission. The two ex-soldiers cross paths when Drake is forced to hunt down Carter in an effort to keep government secrets from getting out.

“The Kill Hole” is filled with some great acting by all those involved. Billy Zane does a good job in his role as Marshall a counselor attempting to help Drake and other service men cope with their post war problems. Ted Rooney does a great job playing the bad guy role. Rooney does such a good job in the role of James that you really feel disgust and hate for this character. Tory Kittles and Chadwick Boseman really bring their A games to this film. Both deliver great performances while showing two totally different viewpoints. Personally I would have liked to have seen more of Kittle’s character as he definitely was the more interesting of the two.

This film is worth checking out even if you are not into military themed films. Mischa Webley did a great job putting this film together. Webley did a great job including some good dialogue and beautiful shooting locations which I felt only added to the films appeal. The only thing I found to be a negative was the musical score. The music its self was not bad however, at times when the actors were speaking the music continued to play over the top of their conversation often overshadowing the performance. I just found it hard to focus on the scenes where this was the case as the two were almost competing against each other. That aside “The Kill Hole” is a good film.

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