DVD Review “Eagleheart: Season 1”

Directors: Jason Woliner, Eric Appel, Jay Karas
Starring: Chris Elliot, Maria Thayer, Brett Gelman
Distributed by Adult Swim
Running Time: 134 minutes

Season 1: 4 out of 5 stars
Extra: 4 out of 5 stars

“Eagleheart: Season 1” tells the story of bumbling U.S. Marshall Chris Monsanto (Chris Elliot) and his equally incompetent partners Susie Wagner (Maria Thayer) and Brett Mobley (Brett Gelman). Together the three carry out justice in a way that can only be found in a show produced by Conan O’Brien and shown on Adult Swim. Filled with slapstick humor, gore and the occasional parody “Eagleheart: Season 1” delivers.

The cast and crew involved with this show have a real top notch product on their hands. Even though most of the 12 episodes included in season 1 clock in at just under 15 minutes each episode is packed full of pure goodness. Chris Elliot and crew turn in some hysterical performances while the special effects department appears to be at the top of their game providing a number of over the top blood filled explosions. It was hard to pick just a few episodes to focus on for my review as I truly enjoyed them all. I found Brett Gelman to be the unsung hero of the show and even though his lines were somewhat limited the ones he did have were nothing but side splittingly funny. Maria Thayer does a good job as the somewhat confused voice of reason that only further compliments Elliot and Gelman throughout each episode.

The Special Features portion of the DVD had everything you could ask for in a Special Features section. Deleted scenes, commentary tracks and a kill reel are just a few of the things found in this section. My personal favorite was the scenes of the unaired pilot which feature a much different storyline coupled with an appearance from Conan O’Brien. If you are a fan of gore filled comedic police dramas then you will surely want to pick up a copy of “Eagleheart: Season 1”.

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