Interview with Tony Todd

Tony Todd is a living legend in the film business.  He is known best for his role of Candyman in the horror series.  He has also working on high profile films like “Transformers: Rise of the Fallen” and “Final Destination” series.  Tony Todd is currently starring and executive producing a new film called “Sushi Girl”.  He believes it is his best work yet.  Media Mikes had a chance to sit down with Tony and chat with him about this new film and what we can expect.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us about how you got involved with the film “Sushi Girl”?
Tony Todd: It was a Godsend actually. I got the script about two years ago now. We got together and had a table reading with about 60% of the final cast. We all new it was magic. We got taken off track because we lost financing but we all had faith since we knew the script and cast were strong. Then n the beginning of last year, I got more involved and started setting up some meetings in order to move it forward. We met Spark Entertainment and luckily then we got our financing that we needed.

MG: Is that how you took on the additional role of executive produce?
TT: I suppose so. That was more an act of generosity on their part. I didn’t request it. I wouldn’t say no, of course. In terms of that, one of the things being the leader of this group is that I always checked in with the actors. I wanted to make sure that they were happy and that everyone was going to give 100%. I found that you are all as good as your weakest link. We got very lucky to land this wonderful set on Universal’s lot. I mean it had to be a million dollar set on its own. We had such a wonderful crew. I have done over a hundred films and the energy on this set was easily in my top three films ever.

MG: What can you tell us about your character Duke?
TT: Without giving away too much, we are a motley group of criminal disguising as businessmen. My character Duke fancies himself a businessman that happens to be involved with criminal enterprises. The general plot is we all gather together after 6 years to celebrate Noah Hathaway’s character Fish’s release from prison and that sets up our evenings events.

MG: How did you prepare for the character?
TT: I did a lot of research on what makes a sociopath. I found some very disturbing things. For sociopaths, just like you and I are sitting here outside and chatting and at the spur a moment things can change, like a snap of the finger. He is a wonderful character. But I couldn’t be Duke, unless everyone did there roles as good as they did.

MG: You are a legend acting in the horror genre, tell us about your plans to direct on “Catalytic”?
TT: It is a script that is already written. I didn’t a horror film to be my first directorial debut. I have another project called “Eerie, PA”, that is much closer to my heart but same group from “Sushi Girl” convinced me that it a good horror film. I do not contain any stupidity in the horror characters. It is about real shit and is very cool.

MG: You recently just appeared in “Final Destination 5”, how did the character come about?
TT: Well I had done “The X-Files” and James Wong and Glen Morgan were involved writing on that show. They remembered me and they had acquired “Final Destination”. It was original a proposal script for an “X-Files” episode by Jeffrey Reddick. They wanted me and I wanted it, so fortunately it worked out amd here we are five films later and going strong. I thought the fifth film was the best in the series.

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