Book Review “Hammer Glamour”

Author: Marcus Hearn
Hardcover: 160 pages
Publisher: Titan Books
Release Date: September 29, 2009

Our Score: 4 out of 5 stars

Hammer has been known well for its over fifty years history of mixing sex and horror into some of the best titles in the genre. It all started with the release of “Curse of Frankenstein” and Christopher Lee in “Dracula”, from there Hammer redefined an era of sexy horror. This book is a showcase of the many beautiful women that are known best for their work in Hammer’s films. It contains many classic well-known and loved images from the film archive.

The book is authored once again by Hammer-expert Marcus Hearn. All of the Hammer books that I have ever read were authored by him. He is the ultimate go-to guy when it comes to Hammer films and their legacy. This book is a little different than the ones before it. This one focuses strictly on Hammer’s luscious female stars, including Ingrid Pitt, Martine Beswick, Caroline Munro, Barbara Shelley, Joanna Lumley, Nastassja Kinski, and of course Raquel Welch. These women are so iconic from these films and such sexy yet elegant, never tasteless.

These rare and previously unpublished photos included are so glorious and high quality. Titan Books is really known for produce high quality especially with their art books. Theses images are special from Hammer’s archive and private collections worldwide. Also included are many new interviews and well with the showcased talent. Just note if you are familiar with Hammer’s films then you will know that this book is not for kids at all to view. Hammer fans these is a fantastic collection and tribute to these wonderful woman and their films.

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