Short Review “Slash-in-the-Box”

Directed by Nick Everhart
Starring: Elizabeth Masucci and Tyler Hollinger
Aweso Entertainment
Running Time: 5 minutes

Our Score: 5 out of 5 stars

Immediately when I heard about this film, I pictured Will Ferrell winding the jack-in-the-box in the movie “Elf”. It is a scene that always makes me laugh but also jump. There is just something about a jack-in-the-box that leaves you on edge. This short is suspenseful and also a lot of fun. They should most definitely enter this into some horror festivals because it deserves some major attention.

It is only 5 minutes long but is extremely clever and really makes every minute count. It is gory, yet not cheesy at all.  The score is really great and sets up a few decent jumps. This film was shot in only one day plus another week for post production. The budget was just $2000, which nothing but the production does not look or feel cheap. Each shot feels is very polished and well directed. Even though it was shot in one day, I have a feeling that a lot of planning when into pre-production.

The films stars Tyler Hollinger and Elizabeth Masucci, who have both worked with writer/director Nick Everhart before in the recent “Dororthy and The Witches of Oz”, read our review here. I have watched many, many bad horror films and I this is a setup above the rest.  I was satisfied yet wishing for more. Who knows maybe one day, this could make a interesting feature. Weirder movies have been made…ever see “The Gingerdead Man”, one of my favorites by the way.

Watch the short below, come on…what’s five minutes of your time? You watch all those stupid videos on YouTube, this is much better.  Spread the word!

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