Interview with Lola Blanc

Interview with Lola Blanc

Lola Blanc is a singer, songwriter, actress and model. Lola has appeared in videos for many bands such as Interpol and Lifehouse. Media Mikes had a chance to talk with Lola recently about some of her past work as well as what she has planned for 2012.

Adam Lawton: What was it that made you want to pursue the music side of the entertainment business?
Lola Blanc: I have been writing since I can remember but when I was 9 I was really into the group Hanson. We had this closet growing up that my brother would use as a chemistry lab. I would go in there and listen to music by myself. I listened to the Hanson song “Thinking of You” and it made me cry. That was the first song to ever move me in such an emotional way. Hanson combined with the Spice Girls really changed my life and made me want to do music for the rest of my life.

AL: What has it been like working with people such as Brian Lee and David Gamson?
LB: Initially it was a little intimidating. I was thrown into this world with people who had done all these big things. It was however very exciting and overtime I felt like I was an equal as I was able to contribute creatively. It was truly a great experience.

AL: What is your favorite part working on music videos?
LB: It’s fun to play dress and play a character in someone else’s world. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other artists and see how the whole experience goes down. It has prepared me for working on my own music videos which is something that I am really looking forward to doing.

AL: Can you tell us about your work on “Repo: The Genetic Opera”?
LB: I was friends with someone who worked for Yoshiki and they needed people for some background vocals. I went in one night and did some yelling into a microphone which was a lot of fun. I eventually ended up working for Yoshiki as an assistant later on.

AL: What was it like working for Yoshiki?
LB: It’s interesting. Girls cry and scream when they are around him. They will actually bow down at his feet which I thought was kind of bizarre. It was fun and Yoshiki was really great. I was one of many assistants that he has and things are very hectic around there.

AL: What upcoming plans do you have for 2012?
LB: My main focus right now is getting prepared to shoot music videos. I am really excited as it’s a culmination of all the things I do. The videos are really a way for me to express myself on all levels. I get to show my fashion, personality and music all together. This is probably going to be the most fun I have had in my career. I also have plans to play some shows which I will get do the same thing and showcase all my talents.

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  1. i read the whole interview, i liked it, this is the 1st time when i go to read from lola, nice to read from her and i wish her a very good luck to achieve she want to n have a lot more fun !

    my wishes always with you dear !

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