DVD Review “Another Happy Day”

Directed by: Sam Levinson
Starring: Ellen Barkin, Kate Bosworth, Ellen Burstyn, Thomas Haden Church
George Kennedy, Ezra Miller, Demi Moore
Distributed by Phase 4 Films
MPAA Rating: R
Running time: 119 minutes

Film: 2.5 out of 5 stars
Extras: N/A

This film has one heck of an outstanding cast and the performances are great…although it doesn’t make a good film. The film is billed as a black comedy but there is hardly anything comedic about it, in fact it is very depressing. Ezra Miller is really stepping up as being the go-to guy for messed up roles, especially after co-starring in “We Need to Talk About Kevin”. Ellen Barkin also gives a very intense performance but man she looks really OLD!! The film was the winner of the Sundance Film Festival’s Screenwriting Award and it no shock as the story is quite well done but the two hour running time definitely drags the film down.

The movie focuses on one messed up family that is getting together for a wedding. The wedding is for Lynn’s (Ellen Barkin) oldest son Dylan. Things get complicated when her other son Elliot (Ezra Miller) gets out of control and issues with her yet-to-arrive daughter Alice (Kate Bosworth). Lynn also has to deal with her ex-husband (Thomas Haden Church) and his new wife (Demi Moore) as they try to take over the wedding. Lynn is pushed to the limit and how much is she able to take before her and her family goes over the edge.

This film is the debut of writer and director Sam Levinson and he definitely shows potential especially with the script. The DVD does not come with any special features which does not give this release any extra points. Everyone has dysfunctional families but this one definitely takes the cake. If you are looking for some great performances, this might be interesting to take a look into but otherwise I would take a pass on this one.

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