Blu-ray Review “The Town: Ultimate Collector’s Edition”

Directed by: Ben Affleck
Starring: Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, Blake Lively
MPAA Rating: R (Theatrical) / Not Rated (Extended)
Distributed by: Warner Home Video
DVD Release Date: March 6, 2012
Running Time: 125 minutes (Theatrical) / 153 minutes (Extended)

Overall Score: 5 out of 5 stars

Before reading this review, if you have never seen this film…stop reading and go out to the store and by this release. It is simple as that. This film was one of my favorite films of 2010. This Ultimate Collector’s Edition Blu-ray is the perfect set release for this amazing film. “The Town” is most definitely going to become a classic like other robbery films like “Dog Day Afternoon” and “The Italian Job”. Ben Affleck does a flawless job not only directing but also acting, easily the best work he has done to date.

This new 3-disc (2 Blu-ray, 1 DVD) release feature a a new cut of the film including an alternate ending with audio commentary available as well. It is actually the third cut of the film and is even different from the recent extended cut. There is also an amazing 30 minute documentary called “Director’s Journey”. If that is not enough this release comes with amazing packaging and really cool goodies. There is a 48-page book filled with high quality photos. There is a letter from director Ben Affleck.  There is a huge poster-size map of Charlestown with notes from the film.  Wait…there is still more…including a confidential folder packed with a fifteen-page FBI report, four mugshot cards, a Vericom employee file and a sheet of rub-on tattoos. I think they went above and beyond with these extras.  It is very impressive and a great collectable for fans.

The video quality of the Blu-ray are just perfect and so clear.  I think they really put a lot into this film and it shows for sure.   The audio also comes packed with a fantastic DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track.  You literally feel like you are being caught in the gun fire throughout the film.  Really top notch.  Here is a break down of the discs included in this release. The first Blu-ray comes with the new extended cut with alternate ending on its own Blu-ray. The second Blu-ray has the other extended up and the theatrical cut. There is also a DVD included as well.  Also included is a streaming Ultraviolet digital copy, which will be added to my Flixster account immediately.

Let’s get to some of the special features now.  This release has no shortage of commentary tracks, in fact, it comes with three.  The first is for the theatrical cut of the film and Ben Affleck does a wonderful job of complementing the film in a very entertaining commentary.  The next is the extended cut audio commentary is similar to the theatrical cut but gets into the meat of the extra footage.  Like I mentioned above, this release also features a new commentary for the extended cut with alternate ending.  It is an extension of the extended commentary track.  Too much commentary for you? I do not think so.  Definitely at least give a listen to the commentary for the alternate ending for some great info about the changes.

“The Town: A Director’s Journey” is a new documentary for this release and it runs about 30 minutes.  It dives a lot into the film’s production and you get a lot of Ben Affleck but if you love the film then you would love this.  “Ben’s Boston” Focus Points run about 30 minutes spread out among six behind-the-scenes featurette. They are able to be played during watching the film.  The featurettes  include “Pulling Off the Perfect Heist,” “The Town,” “Nuns with Guns: Filming in the North End,” “The Real People of the Town,” “Ben Affleck: Director & Actor” and “The Cathedral of Boston.” The next feature is so simple but I really like it, which is an “Extended Cut Scene Indicator”.  It features an icon on the screen when there is new footage from the theatrical version of the film.  Lastly there is a theatrical trailer also included. Amazing features + Amazing movie = Amazing release.

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Synopsis: Ben Affleck follows his acclaimed Gone Baby Gone directorial debut by directing, co-writing and starring in a taut thriller about robbers and cops, friendship and betrayal, love and hope and escaping a past that has no future. He plays Doug MacRay, leader of a Boston bank robber gang but not cut from the same cloth as his fellow thieves. When Doug falls into a passionate romance with the bank manager (Rebecca Hall) briefly taken hostage in their last heist, he wants out of this life and out of the town. As the Feds close in and the crew questions his loyalty, he has one of two choices: betray his friends or lose the woman he loves. Jon Hamm, Jeremy Renner, Blake Lively, Titus Welliver, Pete Postlethwaite and Chris Cooper also star.

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