Interview with Alexia Anastasio

Alexia Anastasio is co-starring in the new independent film “Supernaturalz”.  She is also currently working on a documentary on Bill Plympton called “Adventures in Plymptoons!”  Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Alexia about her new film as well as her upcoming projects.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us about your role of Red Herring in “Supernaturalz”?
Alexia Anastasio: My role is one of the main gang girls in the campy horror film that is “Supernaturalz”. Red is kind of the little sister of the bunch and pretty naive yet she is a fighter which is probably to her benefit but I don’t want to give away why. You’ll have to see the film to figure that out.

MG: How did you start meet and start working with director Kevin Sean Michaels?
AA: I met Kevin Sean Michaels at a sci-fi convention called I-CON. We first collaborated on his first feature documentary project, “Vampira: The Movie” about horror host, Maila Nurmi.

MG: Tell us about the “Supernaturalz” production; what were the biggest challenges?
AA: Probably getting through a couple of scenes where a lot of blood was used. I am pretty squeamish and have a pretty vivid imagination. It kinda goes wild sometimes and by sometimes I mean all the time. When we were filming one scene I almost threw up because I was so grossed out and another scene I almost fainted… the blood was just
so real.

MG: What made you want to get into the film business and what is your inspiration?
AA: I knew I wanted to be an actor when I was 11 when my Mom enrolled me in acting classes because I was shy. When I was 16 I realized I wanted to do film. Having fun is my priority in the life. Being on set always had a very family feeling of teamwork to me. So I embraced the industry and now am in the thick of it.

MG: We interviewed Bill Plympton last year, tell us about your documentary “Adventures in Plymptoons!”
AA: “Adventures in Plymptoons!” is my first feature documentary on Oscar nominated animator, Bill Plympton. I spent 2 and half years working on the project which I put all my time, energy and resources into making. It really was a labour of love. It is now playing at about a zillion film festivals including some coming up at Spokane Intl. Film Festival, Boulder Intl. Film Festival, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival and Savannah Intl. Animation Film Festival. I am very proud of the film and I hope that it inspires as many people as possible to make their art no matter what.

MG: Tell us about the other film you are producing “Beyond the Noise: My Transcendental Meditation Journey”?
AA: I was very lucky to mentor young filmmaker, Dana Farley and co-produce a feature film, “Beyond the Noise” which just played its World Premiere at the Marbella Intl. Film Festival in Spain. It is about Dana’s journey learning meditation and how it helped her with David Lynch by her side to ask questions to. I have found that Transcendental Meditation has really helped me through the stresses of making and marketing a film and day to day life. I don’t think I could have finished 5 projects in 3 years without it.

MG: Tell us about your other upcoming project “Ginger Girls”?
AA: My next project which I am currently working on entitled, “Ginger Girls” is about growing up as a girl with red hair. I am interviewing girls around the world to sum up a conclusion about their trails and tribulations of love, youth and successes and showcase how cool, talented they really are. I have been filming lots of video updates
which you can check out on and search Ginger Girls. Our campaign starts on my birthday, January 31st, 2012 and will go on for 60 days.

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