Interview with Danny Hicks

Danny Hicks is known for playing Jake in “Evil Dead II” and Bill Roberts in “Intruder”.  Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Danny about working on “Evil Dead 2”, working with Sam Raimi all these years and what he has planned next.

Mike Gencarelli: What would you say was the most difficult part of working on “Evil Dead 2”?
Danny Hicks: I would say the temperature. It was very hot and when you see close up shots of us that sweat is real it’s not spray on. We were in a gymnasium at an abandon school in North Carolina and they had built a two story long cabin so they could have a basement. We shot on the second floor of the cabin and it was summer time in North Carolina so it had to be 120 degrees in there. They had to keep the air conditioning off because it would mess with sound so that was probably the most difficult part of the shoot. The shoot was also pretty physical as well and we beat each other up. Bruce kicked me in the nads real hard once as we were shooting the scene where I hit him in the head with the shotgun. He fell off the porch and when he did his foot came up right between my legs. He connected really hard. So hard that as soon as Sam called cut I threw up all over everything. That was interesting.

MG: Tell us about working on the film “My Name is Bruce” with Bruce Campbell directing you?
DH: It was fun. We got to right our own parts and pretty much do whatever we wanted to do. Just before we started shooting he asked what I was going to do and I told him but then he decides to throw in that my character was gay. Bruce says action and I was trying so hard not to laugh that I think I peed myself just a little bit. I had worked with Bruce before doing some audio stuff for his books but this was the first time working with him as a film director. He is very focused and serious which is something you wouldn’t guess by watching his movies.

MG: Most of the cast from “Evil Dead 2” also worked on “Intruder”, including Sam Raimi in an acting role, tell us about working on that?
DH: It was fun but for me it was very difficult. It was very physical as I did a lot of my own stunt but it was interesting to work with Sam as an actor. Most people don’t know he is an actor but he is very good. I think the best part of the film was I got to kill half the Raimi family! (Laughs) It was fun.

MG: How was it working with Sam Raimi as he grew from “Evil Dead 2” to “Darkman” to “Spider-Man 2”?
DH: As far as I know Sam hasn’t changed a bit. “Evil Dead 2” was like a $3 million dollar movie and “Spider Man 2” he had some bigger toys to play with but he was same guy on both films. Sam likes to torture his actors and become part of the scene. That scene where spider man is holding the train back Sam instead of watching the monitor was standing in front of the wind machine throwing pieces of wood and gravel into the wind so it’s hitting us in the faces. (Laughs) Sam hasn’t really changed and he is the same guy I met in 1985.

MG: Tell us how you got started working with Michael Kallio on “Paranormal, Burbank” & Koreatown”?
DH: “Koreatown” was not a very good experience for me. We worked really hard for a few days and then I was cut out of the movie by the producer. I guess I am in the DVD version in the deleted scenes section but I have never seen the movie as it was not a pleasant experience. Michael is great to work with though. For “Burbank” Michael called me up and asked if I played guitar. I told him I did but I wasn’t that good and that’s how I got the role. He cut out most of the guitar stuff but it was really fun to do. It’s a wacky series.

MG: What was your involvement with the TV series from early 90’s “Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero”?
DH: They promised me that it would never air in the United States! (Laughs) I grew up on the original version of “Ultraman” but I actually got to say “Ahh it’s a Monster!” which is in every bad Godzilla movie ever made. I did that line with all the grace I could muster.

MG: What do you have currently planned upcoming?
DH: I worked recently with Ted Raimi on his new web series called “Morbid Minutes”. I don’t know when it’s going to come out but it’s supposed to be soon. It’s a series of stories which will be about a minute and a half and they are going to be in 3-D. How they are going to do that I don’t know. Ted really surprised me. He has a different style than his brother but he is very good. I am going to be at a few upcoming conventions such as Comic-Con as well as one in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In late November I am going to start work on Sam’s new movie. From what I am told it’s supposed to be the most expensive movie ever made in Michigan. I really love working with Sam.

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