Interview with Catherine Taber

Catherine Taber plays the voice of Padme Amidala on Cartoon Network’s “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”.  The show is currently airing its fourth season. She is also doing voice work for the highly anticipated game “Star Wars: The Old Republic”.  Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Catherine about voice Padme and her work with “Star Wars” universe.

Mike Gencarelli: You are now entering season four of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, what can expect from Padmé Amidala this season?
Catherine Taber: Padme, like everyone, is seeing the war take its toll. She will maintain her belief in the fight for good and the fight for the republic, but she does suffer disappoints and betrayals. But, true to Padme form, her core decency and goodness, can not be shaken…unlike some others.

MG: What do you enjoy most about voicing her character?
CT: I love that Padme is an elegant and feminine woman, but not a damsel in distress. She makes her own decisions and is an awesome shot with a blaster!

MG: Tell us how you prepare yourself to get into character?
CT: I feel I know who Padme is very clearly – so she does not require a lot of prep work on that front. I know her history, even beyond the films. But I do try to wear clothing, shoes, etc that make me feel “Padme-ish”, strong and regal to get into character. No sweat pants! I am kind of goofy like that.

MG: What is the biggest challenge that presents itself with each new season?
CT: The only “challenge” I can come up with is dealing with the fact that we are getting closer to the eventual end! But we have seasons to come yet, so I try not to think about it!

MG: Tell us about the film “Hughes the Force” and your involvement?
CT: “Hughes the Force” is an fan film, an “epic” fan film! It’s made by true fans of both Star Wars and John Hughes films. James Arnold Taylor and I got to do cameo appearances of the live action versions of our characters which was AMAZINGLY fun. Everyone involved was so great, it was a labor of love. You should check it out!

MG: Tell us about your involved with the highly anticipated game “Star Wars: The Old Republic”?
CT: I had worked with Bioware before on “Knights of the Old Republic” (my first voiceover job!), so I was so excited when they asked me to come in. I didn’t even know what the project was. That was several years ago, and now having seen the progression, the trailers, the art work…I am just blown away and thrilled to be a part of it. I was lucky to get to appear at Comic Con International on the Bioware panel and announce that I am playing Vette, and it was really exciting. Vette is the companion character to the Sith Lord. She is funny and sassy and smart and a little quirky. I tried to think of Indiana Jones a bit when playing her.

MG: Do you feel that video game work differs from TV voice work?
CT: I mostly approach it all the same from an acting standpoint. I am creating a character and I just have a different set of tools to use. But, the great thing about TV and the Clone Wars especially, is we all get to work together, which makes it so much fun and I think ads depth to the scenes. It hardly feels like work!

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