Interview with Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell is the star of TNT’s “Good Morning Killer,” which premieres Tuesday, December 13. Catherine is also known for her role in TV series like “Jag” and “Army Wives”. Media Mikes had a chance to chat with Catherine about her new movie and what we can expect.

Mike Smith: Did you enjoy the experience of playing the character, Ana Grey?
Catherine Bell: Yes, I really did. I’d never played an FBI agent and found it fascinating just trying to get into the mind of a kidnapper, a rapist and track this guy. It sounds very fascinating. Obviously it was based on a wonderful novel, so we had a lot of things to draw from. It has been a very rich, rewarding experience actually.

MS: There are several other novels featuring your character. Is this something you’d like to continue doing later again revisiting this?
CB: I would love to. It’s actually something we talked about from the beginning. It ended up being such a wonderful filming experience. I think for all of us involved that we were instantly hoping to do more. So hopefully it goes in that direction.

MS: Is there an aspect of this character that you connect with or you really just didn’t like?
CB: I actually found her fascinating. She’s not a perfect woman by any means. She’s very smart, very good at her job, very much in control there. But very much not in control in her personal life, picks very bad relationships.  She definitely has some issues, which I found as an actress really fun to play.

MG: If IMDB is to be believed, William Devane started working the year you were born. What was it like working with such a veteran actor?
CB: It was fantastic. He plays my grandfather in the script as a great character, kind of just a crotchety old cop who thinks he knows better then me. He thinks the FBI are a bunch of whooses, so we have this sort of love-hate relationship. We had a blast. He’s definitely been around and knows how to fill a character’s shoes. It was really fun.

MS: What were some of your favorite moments that you had from filming on, “Good Morning Killer?”
CB: Oh, let’s see. So many. It was really, really one of the best experiences I’ve had filming, both the story and everyone involved in making it. All the actors were really wonderful from Cole Hauser and Titus Welliver and some great, great talent. But I don’t know. I loved doing the scenes that involved the killer, the bad guy. Those were – without giving anything away or what kind of scenes they were, very intense and very emotional and, yes, kind of very challenging to shoot a well. But yes, those are probably my favorite I would have to say.

MS: Why do you think people will want to take the time to watch, “Good Morning Killer”?
CB: Well, if they’re anything like me, they like to be entertained and so many people – myself included – like mysteries and thrillers and I know I’ve always been fascinated with serial killers. And to me it’s fascinating. So to have something that’s based on such a wonderful novel with such a great story I think makes for some good, fun popcorn-eating, soda-drinking movie watching.

MG: What’s your workout routine like to stay in shape for these roles?
CB: You know, most of the workout is done before we start filming. Once we start filming, honestly, especially something like this where I’m in every single scene, every day. I don’t think I had a day off on this one. So it becomes harder and harder to work out. You’re getting more and more tired and you just do a few pushups here and there, sit ups, you know, in the morning. But before I start filming, it’s pretty rigorous. I definitely do, like, an hour, hour and a half, sometimes up to two hours a day just getting in shape, lean and strong. Also doing some martial arts and whatever else I can depending on the role.

MS: What other projects are working on?
CB: Well, let’s see, we’ve got – I’m doing Army Wives right now. We just got picked up for ten more episodes in this season. I’ll be busy for a little while and we’ll do 23 episodes now. Also hoping to for maybe another “Good Morning Killer” movie or series after “Army Wives”. I have also some other projects that I’m working on as well as the producer and developing. I’m always busy…always working on something.

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