Evan Peters talks about his role in FX series “American Horror Story”

Evan Peters plays the role of Tate on the FX series “American Horror Story”. Evan has also appeared in several other television series and film. Media Mikes had a chance to speak with Evan recently about his role on the show.

Adam Lawton: Can you tell us about your character Tate on the show?
Evan Peters: Tate is a little psychotic and he has started seeing Ben played by Dylan McDermott’s for psycho analysis in an effort to cure the demons inside him. At the same time Ben’s daughter catches his eye and Tate takes a liking to her.

AL: How did you become involved with “American Horror Story”?
EP: I was lucky enough to be able to go in a read for the role after sending a tape in. I went through the whole casting process and am very grateful for how it turned out.

AL: Overall how have things been going on the show?
EP: Really good! I have been able to work with such an amazing cast. The subject matter of the show is very heavy and to be able to work with great people like Dylan and Taissa Farminga who has been fantastic.

AL: Were you a fan of the horror genre prior to taking the role?
EP: I always liked horror movies but they did scare the hell out of me. I was a little stressed out at the begging of shooting but it has turned out to be really fun. To be behind the whole process of staging the scares and how they are set up has been really cool.

AL: Do you have a favorite episode that has been shot so far?
EP: I think it was the one where you find out Tate’s back story. There was a lot of technical stuff in that episode. Our director was great and the shoot was really fun.

AL: How soon do you receive the scripts prior to shooting?
EP: They like to keep everything a mystery. At this point we get the scripts the night before we start shooting. I’m sure they have everything all planned but for some reason they keep us in the dark. (Laughs)

AL: Are you currently still shooting?
EP: Yes. We are going to be shooting till about December 4th. We have been working Saturday’s as time has been cut pretty close to finish each episode. The work is worth it and each director has taken their time and put their mark on the episodes.

AL: Has it been hard working with so many different directors?
EP: Yes. Every episode has a new director and by the end of shooting I really like working with that director. Then we start a new episode with a different director and I have to start all over again building a relationship.

AL: Do you have any other upcoming projects?
EP: Working on this series has opened a few doors for me. I think I want to branch off and do something a little less dark. I would love to do something funny and light.

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