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Danny Glover is diverse well known actor who has ranged from work like “Lethal Weapon” series to “Saw”. Last year he took the hilarious role “Death at a Funeral”.  Danny is co-starring in the new film “Infected” along with a great cast Vinnie Jones and Beverly Mitchell. Media Mikes had a chance to briefly ask Danny a few questions about that film and his other films.

Mike Gencarelli: Tell us a little bit about “Infected” and your role in the film?
Danny Glover: I play the character Locke. He is a sort of mad scientist who will do anything to advance his own experiments and at the same time profit off his diabolical conspiracy.

MG: What did you enjoy most about working on the film?
DG: This was a different type of role which involved a lot of action and I enjoyed playing the villain.

MG: Tell us what do you look for in a character when you approach a project?
DG: I like to see if the role challenging, does it give light to a person in the world or a character that is unexplored and unique.

MG: From having done horror like “Saw” to comedy/action like “Lethal Weapon”, do you have a genre that you enjoy to work in most?
DG: No, i don’t have one specific genre that i like better than another. What is most important is that I feel I can portray the character.

MG: You were absolutely hysterical in “Death at a Funeral”, any plans for more comedies?
DG: Of course I would do more comedies if the opportunity was brought to me.

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  1. Sometimes you only get a few minutes with certain talent and you got to make the best of it. 🙂

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