DVD Review “Panic Button”

Director: Chris Chow
Starring: Scarlett Alice Johnson, Jack Gordon, Elen Rhys and Michael Jibson
Distributed by: Cine-Britannia
Cert: 18
Running Time: 92 minutes

Overall Score: 2 out of 5 stars

These days, who isn’t involved with social networking. Your friends, parents and even grandparents are all involved. It has become the norm in today’s society. This film aims to show the consequences of living on social network websites. The film tries to deliver a suspense horror film but ends up wasting to much time and fails to entertain. The story feels very drawn out and claustrophobic, especially taking place 99% of the film in a airplane. This could have been interesting but fails, even the twist is weak and very predictable.

The story four lucky (or unlucky in this case) winners of a trip to New York from a social networking site called ‘All2gethr’. The group is set to play a game to win a grand prize but their deep dark secrets are reveals and challenged. they very quickly also find out that the people behind this trip have a different agenda for them. The film doesn’t fall into horror genre and leans more toward dramatic thriller at best.

The extras included on this release includes a gallery of trailers and teasers. Not sure where a gag reel fits in with this film but this has one. There is two short deleted scenes and also an outtake scene called “Jack Loses It”. They are all not very special. There is a featurette on the making of the film, which talks about the films background but overall the production is not very exciting. Lastly there is a gallery of images. Take a pass on this one.


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