DVD Review “Klown Kamp Massacre”

Directors: David C. Valdez, Philip H.R. Gunn
Starring: Ross Kelly, Ashley Bryce, Lloyd Kaufman, Isaac Kappy, Chris Payne
Distributed by Troma Entertainment
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Run Time: 84 minutes

Overall Score: 3 out of 5 stars

With a name like “Klown Kamp Massacre”, you can’t expect much from the film. Then once you add to the fact that it is a Troma film it makes it even better. This actually, against my original perspective, delivered some good good and a fun campy story. We get scenes and dialogue right out of “Friday the 13th”. The film also has a real feel of “Sleepaway Camp” as well but with clowns (or klowns). Not the best horror slasher, definitely not the worst but packs one great ending.

The story follows Edwin the clown, who went to clown camp to fulfill his lifelong dream… but nobody laughed. After being humiliated, he viciously murders the entire camp but was never found. We pick up fifteen years later, where the camp is reopened and the murders start happening again. If you are fan of Troma make sure to keep an eye out for guest appearance by Lloyd Kaufman.

The special features on this release very impressive boosting over 2 hours extras. We have audio commentary from the cast and crew and just like this film is way over-the-top. There are a few deleted scenes…some good some bad. There is a fun and wild behind the scenes featurette on the making of the film…good stuff. There is a short film by David Valdez and Philip Gunn. There is no clowning around in the eight “clowny” webisodes included on this release to. Of course there is a trailer attached as well and much more. Overall amazing extras for a “bad” but fun movie.

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