DVD Review “Aftershock”

Directed by: Xiaogang Feng
Starring: Daoming Chen, Chen Li, Yi Lu
Distributed by: China Lion
Rated: N/A
Runtime: 2 hr. 15 min.

Our Score: 3 out of 5 stars

“Aftershock” is a film based around one family’s actions during the Tangshan earthquake of 1976. During the earth quake a mother is forced to choose which of her two children she is going to save. After the mother makes her choice we find out that both children in fact end up surviving this horrific event. 32 years after the earth quake the siblings are unexpectedly reunited and learn of the drama each has endured during their time apart.

“Aftershock” is a very real and heartfelt film. Being a foreign film I was unfamiliar with the cast however all those involved put on stellar performances. The earth quake scenes at the beginning of the film were very well done and featured some great special effects. “Aftershock” also featured some really nice wide shots which were filled with what looks like thousands of extras. These big scenes really showed just how many people were affected by this natural disaster. Though the film was quite dark making some of the scenes difficult to watch “Aftershock” was still an enjoyable film.

Director Xiaogang Feng and his cast did a great job telling the story of these two siblings and their chance meeting some 32 years later after another devastating earth quake takes place. Even if you are not a fan of foreign cinema “Aftershock is worth checking out as the film is more than just your standard drama.

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